Using the ‘fancy plates’

You know the ones I mean. The ones being saved for when Royalty pays a visit. Well I don’t think they’re coming. I know some are saved for Christmas but that’s only once a year. Price per use on that is well…a lot. If I were fancier, would I use the fancy plates more often?Continue reading “Using the ‘fancy plates’”

A Gentle Reminder

I’m not a self help expert. I’m not a life coach. But by heck I will cheer you on to live your best life. You get one go in this life, in this body you’re living in right now, with the people who surround you right now. Don’t waste it. Don’t keep thinking you’ll haveContinue reading “A Gentle Reminder”

Hi, I’m Loren. A new mum who loves everything magic, travelling with our baby girl and shopping small, sales and secondhand! This year I’m trying to buy less ‘stuff’ and to save for holidays and making lots of memories. Hope you’ll join me!