Buy consciously,

not constantly

My 3 Intentions for 2021

Firstly, Happy New Year! Secondly, these aren’t the classic New Year resolutions, they’re intentions. I want these to be more like lifestyle changes rather than actual targets to achieve as this way they will last longer and will simply become part of my routine and the way I live. There are also figures out thereContinue reading “My 3 Intentions for 2021”

It’s not about going without, it’s learning to be happy with less – Loren Jessica


Hi, I’m Loren. A previous sale rail shopaholic turned sustainability and slow living blogger. Strong believer in my hashtag ‘buy consciously, not constantly’ to live our best – and to maintain – a sustainable lifestyle.

Buy Consciously, Not Constantly

I believe there’s a middle ground between having too much ‘stuff’ and being a minimalist and I want to put that across. It’s not about going without but being a conscious shopper and that’s something we can all do.