Urban Beauty United Brushes

I have been using these new Urban Beauty United brushes since they arrived a few days ago and certainly want to carry on with them. Apart from being a mix of gorgeous rose gold, cream and bright pink colours they are incredibly soft. I am in love with the colour of these brushes as I have never had any fuschia pink brushes to apply my make up before. Black and brown is as crazy as I have ever gone. The handles of these are cream in colour with a rose gold ferrule and like many at the minute I am firmly on the rose gold loving bandwagon. 

In my make up kit at the minute I have a few brushes but not many as I’ll explain. Some have been a part of my Bareminerals starter kits and a Smashbox set for contouring that I was gifted for my birthday. I truly love all of my brushes and if ever find a brush I can not get along with it goes straight to brush heaven i.e. the bin. In the past I have had a couple of brushes that have been washed and not held their shape and some that became unusable even after being rinsed of product throughly. This being said I was looking forward to trying the Urban Beauty United selection to see how they would fare. 

The Berry Blush angled blusher brush has been used to apply both a pressed and loose powder contour.  Before this I used a thicker rounder brush without the sculpted bristle style and can’t believe the difference in my cheek contour. It has been more precise and natural looking for that last week and I wouldn’t go back to using the old brush. The bristles on the Berry Blush brush are all natural and with this being so are super soft and smoothly apply the powder. 

I have also been trying the Picture Perfect stippling brush to apply my liquid foundation. Again I have been using a similar shaped brush for a while but have been more than happy to try the Urban Beauty United version. This, like the Berry Brush, was soft to touch and glided smoothly when applying my make-up. Others I have previously used tend to pull on the skin and move the make up round leaving a stripy foundation look. Not really what I’m going for. The stippling brush, being made of both natural and nylon bristles, gives a smoother feel and didn’t pull, this is especially important around my eyes as I hate pulling the skin anywhere near them. 

The Smoke Screens Smokey Eye Brush Kit has also been in rotation with my other eye shadow brushes recently. I don’t often apply eyeshadow unless it is a special occasion and even then I tend to stick to similar colours. In this look I used pinks and purples as I don’t tend to wear a black smokey eye, I can’t get it to suit me. After trying all three brushes from the set I found that they were very good for the pressed and loose shadow powders I tried them with. They held onto product, applied it gently to the soft skin around the eye and held their shape after use. All very important things when considering brushes so I would definitely recommend them. I also loved how they were different shapes depending on where you were applying the eyeshadow. 

Urban Beauty United do offer more and different shaped brushes along with sponges and other beauty tools over at Urban Beauty United so check them out if you fancy something a little bolder!

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