My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella


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My first book for review was written by Sophie Kinsella who I have previously read other titles from but not for years. The story of My Not-So Perfect Life follows Katie who has moved to London for work and to find a better, cooler lifestyle. Little did she know that city life and keeping up appearances wouldn’t be quite as much fun as she first thought. Her work environment makes it hard to stand out, the girls in her office seem to have it so much easier and her boss, Demeter, seems so perfect.

Katie goes on to meet the ideal guy who seems like he could be the one until she hears rumours from colleagues he’s secretly with her boss. Her life all but crumbles down when Katie gets fired from her job in London. Her house share suddenly becomes far too expensive and she soon has to move home to help her dad with his new glamping business in Somerset, without him realising what’s going on of course.

For a while she is able to keep up with her lie that her life in London is great in front of her Dad and his girlfriend, Biddy, that is until her ex-boss comes glamping with her family and Katie’s love interest turns up to fire her.

It all gets quite funny as Katie invents a form of meditation in the woods and secrets get unravelled whilst trying to still keep everything from spilling out in front of her Dad and Biddy.

Throughout the book there are some good twists and I thoroughly enjoyed letting the story carry me away.

Reading this book you certainly want a happy ending and it thankfully delivers. I believe a few people could relate to the story entwined in the book too. Instagram only shows you part of someone. They post what they want you to see but there may be so much more going off behind the scenes. Katie realises this and goes from posting a seemingly perfect lifestyle to the real stuff, to which I’m sure many readers can relate.

The story is easy to follow along with the characters and again a lot of people could probably pick out parts of themselves or others throughout the book which makes it fun. It is lighthearted and a recommended read if you are a fan of the chick lit genre like me.

Let me know if you’ve read this book or if there are any more from Sophie Kinsella that you would definitely recommend!

Until next time,

L x

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