The Juniper Gin Joint by Lizzie Lovell

The Juniper Gin Joint by Lizzie Lovell


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A little tongue twister for you there, The Juniper Gin Joint. This was my first novel from Lizzie Lovell and I picked this up when I was looking for some holiday reads back in July. The cover is super colourful so grabbed my attention and the title has gin in it so I was doubly sold. Gin’s ‘moment’ is not over yet and I am still tasting new combinations now. We briefly visited The Lakes Distillery (but are yet to do a tour) and I was gifted Gin Festival tickets a couple of years ago so I am still all about it and had to pick up this book.

The premise of the story doesn’t start until fairly late on in the book and although the theme of gin runs throughout it isn’t really highlighted until near the end, just touches on the idea here and there. I have learnt a bit about the gin making process yet although my Dad makes a mean rhubarb gin I don’t think I’ll be starting anytime soon.

This novel sees Jen, in her mid-life years, with two children and ageing father and an ex-husband. The story follows her working with friends at a quiet, failing museum and meeting a new love interest at the beginning. The middle uncovers more about Jen’s past and previous relationships (with her now loathed rival). It also follows the relationships with her children and what obstacles you might have to over come if they run away with their boyfriend.

A good love story always pulls at the heart strings and this is exactly what was delivered. A complicated previous relationship and a new gentleman on the horizon makes for a good romance and brings a touch of suspense in the will they/won’t they drama. What I did like was how shy Tom, her new love interest, was and just when you thought they were about to state their undying love for each other it would go the other way.

Being a dog person I am also a sucker for a puppy somewhere in the storyline. This one, luckily for me, had multiple puppies so I was more than happy. Other than adorable pups one of my favourite characters was her dad. A forgetful older gent with a penchant for heading to the shed at the right time. It added both comedic timing and a little heartwarming touch and again brought in true to life characteristics.

I suppose every story needs some kind of villain and this story is no different. you could I guess choose Jen’s ex-husband who left with another woman but wants to return yet there is also Dave. Dave wages a war against Jen’s team of save-the-musuem-gin-bar openers and wants to destroy a historical part of the community to turn it into a run of the mill pub chain. Do you think he’ll get his way?

The Juniper Gin Joint was a great read and I’ll keep it close to read again in the future without a doubt. Let me know if you’ve read it or anything else from Lizzie Lovell.

Until next time,

L x

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