Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher

Always With Love – Giovanna Fletcher


I started following Giovanna Fletcher on Instagram a few months back and loved her content. It was so real and connecting that when she bought out her ‘new at the time’ book Some Kind of Wonderful I wanted to read the books she had previously written. It was Always With Love that I found in the bookshop first and of course then had to pick it up even if it was one part of a bigger story.

Even though I hadn’t read the others in the series following Billy and Me I was immediately absorbed and picked the story up easily. It has an air of including the best of both worlds and as it has the real life vs celebrity life narrative it delivers a certain element of fantasy. Not in the sense of magic but more in the way of those dreaming of a celeb life.

This novel, Always With Love, follows the story of Sophie and Billy as he takes up work in Los Angeles while she runs a tea room and cake shop in Rosefont Hill in the UK. It takes you through the challenges they face living apart and continuing their relationships via letters, phone calls and fly in visits and the emotions and struggles that this can come with. These lie both within the family and friends that Sophie and Billy have individually when they are apart and the differences in the lifestyle, what they each deem to be ‘normal’ in their everyday. Even after having a relationship previous to this book the characters seem to be still finding their feet with these new obstacles, especially as Sophie is now to be part of Billy’s life as he returns to acting. Their relationship before refers to a ‘quieter life’ being together in Rosefont Hill.

I am a sucker for a cosy environment and Giovanna Fletcher describes the tea rooms so well it makes me want to open one immediately. There are a few novels that include a tea shop or involve cakes in some way and I can definitely see why as a comfort, cosy factor certainly adds to a good romance novel. The writing works in same way that a life in LA sounds just as good with the description of the city being drenched in a sunrise of ‘luscious purples’, ‘vivid reds’ and ‘perfect pinks’. Written like this does make the reader vote for a move either side of the world as there are pro’s and con’s to both, a theme which keeps you hanging on right until the end of the book asking the question, where will Billy choose?

Reading Always With Love does make me want to read Giovanna Fletcher’s other novels including Eve of Man that she wrote with her husband Tom as I enjoy the way she writes. I will definitely read the novels that cam before this one and likely read this again after, to follow the characters along. Have you read Always With Love or have any recommendations?

Until next time,

L x

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