Jill Mansell, Rumour Has It

Rumour Has It by Jill Mansell


Jill Mansell has been an author I have read for years now. After my mum was finished with a book she would pass it to me and I would devour them in a few days. Being younger I couldn’t exactly relate yet now, older, I understand more of the wit and the world and ‘get it’.

Rumour Has It follows Tilly replying to a newspaper advert looking for a ‘fun girl Friday’. At first the scene set is one of slight fear of the unknown. Tilly isn’t sure what she is getting into and the description makes it sound like its the start of a horror story; Big house with everyone wishing her good luck in a way that you dread. The story however goes on to be a fun read and to me, changes its tone. The story also includes elements of sickness and divorce within the characters and is touching in moments yet manages to keep an air of lightness around the subjects, giving appropriate wit in places without making a joke of the topics.

Tilly, the front woman, leading lady and main attraction in Roxborough is trying to stay away from the resident jack-the-lad, quite literally as his name is Jack, clever huh? Readers we can all guess where this is going in a boy meets girl kind of way but kudos to her as Tilly manages to stave off his charm for quite some time as Jack is seen to have quite the reputation. The twists in the tale regarding this relationship are probably my favourite from a story in a while and I didn’t figure it out that how it ended would be the case. Whether I was slow on the uptake is your decision!

From this Jack is also probably my favourite character in the book. Full of charisma, confidence that borders cocky and the ability of being an overall good egg and great catch, as it turns out.

I thoroughly enjoy a shop or cafe of some sort and Rumour Has It delivers with a fashion shop, owned by Tilly’s best friend, Erin. Erin’s new relationship in the story takes a few turns itself and gives the character some empathy, allowing her to create a storyline for herself with her new partners ex-wife and, my favourite addition to any novel, a dog.

Jill Mansell also touches on a topic that I haven’t read about in the genre before. Max Dineen, the funniest and most clever character in my opinion, is a previously married man with a daughter Lou who has to overcome homophobic comments in relation to her Dad from kids at school. It delivers the story fantastically well and is again something that touches on some people’s reality.

The novel ends fairly quickly and allows the dreams of some of the characters to come to fruition in a way that gives a happy ending. Let’s be honest this is what we want from a good book and romantic, humorous read and is exactly what Mansell gives.

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Have you read Rumour Has It or any of Jill Mansell’s books?

Until next time,

L x

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