Ways We Are Saving Money At Christmas

I am a fully fledged member of the ‘you-don’t-have-to-spend-much-to-have-a-good-Christmas’ party. I know, catchy right? Within this membership I’ve found a few ways to have a money saving Christmas (compared to our previous years).

1. With my side of the family we have set ourselves a budget of £20 per person. This goes both ways as they’re spending £20 on us too. It helps us out as we have a few people to buy for and helps family out in the same way. It also restricts the ‘stocking fillers’. I am all for a few bits and bobs but as I *cough* increase in age I need less and purchase more for myself throughout the year.

2. Save on wrapping. In two senses of the word. This year I’ve purchased 1 roll of brown paper and although I haven’t finished wrapping yet it’s looking like this will be enough. I did use what was left over from last year but going forward will continue to use brown paper and recycled/reused ribbon to decorate with. Wrapping often ends up in the bin and the fact the brown paper can be recycled properly makes me happier with my choice.

3. Food. That’s right, I’m baking. No, I can not bake. I’m going to have to practice but I have some lovely biscuit cutters and I think it’s a great idea for family and friends to receive something homemade. Consumable gifts are a great way to decrease waste at Christmas and in most cases keep costs lower.

4. Cashback. I love a bit of cashback and my personal choice is Topcashback. I’ve been using their website for years now and won’t stop anytime soon. If a merchant that I want to buy from is on Topcashback I’ll always go through them. We can also get cashback through our bank account for some retailers so there’s an option too.

5. Don’t compare. This is probably the hardest of all. Hearing about what other people have bought their other halves/family members can sometimes make you feel like you haven’t bought enough and in turn makes us feel like we need to do an emergency shop on Christmas Eve. Let’s remember each family is different and why you want to save money over the Christmas period. Will it mean a nicer hotel on your summer holiday next year? Will it mean you can treat yourself to what you really want in the sales? Or will it mean your not in debt for the forthcoming months after Christmas? Whatever the reason hold on to it.

If you’ve got any money saving tips and ideas for the Christmas period please share!

Until next time,

L x

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