After You by Jojo Moyes

After You by Jojo Moyes


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Did you read my previous Jojo Moyes book review? Are you now confused as to why I’m reading them the wrong way round?! My husband, as a surprise, bought me Still Me not realising it was the last of three. I waited and waited and looked and looked for the second in the book series but couldn’t wait so started reading it anyway.

Seeing as I understood a lot of what was going on in the book as there are references in the third novel I didn’t have much catching up with characters to do. This was a good thing because I knew there was a happy ending but not so good in terms of knowing what was coming in the characters storylines.

Throughout After You even knowing the ending I was waiting for Louisa to find her way with her new boyfriend and surprise flatmate. Along any romantic storyline I almost hope they get together without a hitch, is it ever going to be that easy? Would I even read it if it was? Of course that isn’t the case as Louisa and Sam take well over their fair share in a troublesome beginning of coupledom.


In Me Before You, if you haven’t yet read it, Louisa takes care of and falls in love with Will; a hard-truthing, sure and knowing man who changed her life and left it. After You follows the aftermath of someone dying and how she deals with this in the months following. Of course it is sad in parts but the little joys that come in between Louisa’s dark days give a little light. The way she holds on to Lily over taking a new job and the way she cares for Sam brought the novel to an even mood for me and gives a deeper understanding of life after death.

A new character you meet here is Lily (I know, I know) and she is a new teenage kind of handful that Louisa learns to care for. Lily’s story is a giant unsubtle and terrifying nod to teens (and older) growing up in the world today and Moyes portrays the hardship very well. The next character meaning came through Louisa’s mum becoming more independent through a literature class she attends. Along with her dad, the couple and their feminist/patriarchal views although a very important topic also manage to add a little humour into the novel.

I can’t say that I enjoyed After You quite as much as Still Me but I would definitely read them again, maybe even in order.

Have you read anything from Jojo Moyes?

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