Dog Holidays – Accommodation

Mia in her dog friendly bed and breakfast in the Lake District

We have had our chocolate Labrador Mia for nearly 5 years, she’ll turn 5 years old in July and we were able to bring her home in September, coincidentally on my birthday. Side note: I picked up a new car the year after so Mr LB had a lot to live up to after that! In that time she has made us completely happy (even during the nibbling phase but more on that later).

In the last three years my best friend and her husband decided it was time for them to get a pooch too and we’ve recently been organising and taking dog holidays together. There’s nothing extremely special about these trips, they’re simply holidays but with dogs. I know crazy right. The thing is there are differences and quite a few things to think about when planning – and also whilst you’re away – and some of those things only became apparent when you’ve done them. I have decided to put some of these thoughts together on different topics and hopefully remember some of my own tips for next time!

Does the accommodation allow dogs?

A basic question but having been on both sides as customer and working at hotel/holiday sites it’s not always quite so straightforward. There are many hotels that don’t allow dogs at all and some that do but only in certain bedrooms.

1. Size of the room – a couple of times we’ve found they may be bigger rooms as there’s a pooch too. A little bit more floor space goes a long way when you’re two becomes a three and one of those three has four legs.

2. Some hotels charge extra. We’ve seen anything from ‘no extra fees for dogs’ to £15 per night to £30 per room to extra cleaning fees if need be. No one is going to enjoy extra charges they weren’t aware of so it’s best to find out before booking.

3. They’re quite often ground floor rooms. The best ones are close to an exit to take your dog out without causing too much disturbance and going right through the hotel. Muddy paws and all.

4. Doggy common areas. Can you take your dog to breakfast? Can you take your dog in the bar/restaurant areas? Can you leave your dog in your room whilst you eat? These are all questions to ask when booking accommodation and vary from each place. We’ve had times where we have had to pop Mia in the car whilst we ate breakfast and others where she was able to stay in the room. Times where she could sit in the bar area where we were served food but couldn’t go in the main restaurant, it changes so I’ll always check out the policy.

5. Does the accommodation supply anything? The great hotels/b&b’s that we’ve stayed at always prepare a little extra something in your room. We’ve previously had bowls, beds, treats, mats, towels and even a Kong tennis ball before on arrival. It’s a lovely gesture to see thoughtful additions and makes it a lot easier if you’ve forgotten bits or saves packing them if you know they’re already there.

We put these into practice when we stayed in the Lake District and even camping.

Until next time,

L x

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