Italian Travel Diaries – Montalcino

Montalcino in Italy

On our last holiday to Italy we visited the Tuscan town of Montalcino. Having never been before we didn’t know what to expect but were definitely pleased and went back a few times during our stay. We saw a different view of Montalcino on each visit and the town was bigger than we originally thought.

I shall start with the most memorable experience of Montalcino and arguably the best food of our whole week, and believe me when I say we ate well! It was my father-in-law that booked us into Franci, a restaurant with a ‘pleasure room’, ie. a wine room that is very cool. I chose scallops to start and risotto for mains finishing of course with dessert and it was all faultless.

Restaurant Franci in Montalcino, Italy

Franci looked over to the castle which was good to have a little browse around. It held a bar and shop and you could walk around the top of the castle if you wanted to go up.

We are pretty relaxed when on holiday (which I’m sure is the goal) and just enjoy having a mooch around the shops, walking along the streets looking at shop windows and checking out the restaurants. Montalcino had some great little shops, my favourite probably being the lavender store because I’m simply obsessed with it.

After a few visits to Montalcino we said we would go again and there is no doubt we would see something different. I already can’t wait.

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Until next time,

L x

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