Disney Planning – Making a checklist

Walt Disney World Epcot inspired mouse ears by Ears by Jade

As you may or may not know we myself and the hubs are going to Walt Disney World in Spring this year. With January gone the holiday is slowly creeping up on us and before we know it it’ll be time to go and I won’t have prepared anything. Side note: On two occasions now I have found myself in the queue to board a plane and have been purchasing travel insurance, I know right. 

This time it has to change as our holiday to Florida is a. more expensive b. not part of europe for medical care and c. further away if anything was to happen. Hence why we need travel insurance as soon as possible and why I am making this list where it will be top priority. 

  1. Travel Insurance. For all the reasons above. 
  2. Visa. We can do this up until 72 hours before we go but the sooner it’s ticked the better. 
  3. FastPass booking. Because we are staying offsite we can do this 30 days before and organise our days. 
  4. Restaurant planning. Again so we can organise our days to get the max amount of time enjoying ourselves and not choosing where to eat for an hour, yes I can get hangry. 
  5. Packing. Clothes, shoes, toiletries. You name it I will have to make a list for it before I end up in Florida heat wearing jeans and a hoody because I don’t have enough shorts and need to go shopping. 
  6. Hand luggage organisation. To include all documents, tech, plane entertainment and anything I tend to pick up leaving the house. 

If you are a seasoned Disney-goer and notice that I have missed something let me know. We want to make as much of our two weeks as humanly possible and need to remember all the important bits too so add them below or get in touch on Instagram/email. 

Until next time, 

L x

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