Where I Find Inspiration

I love writing. There is no doubt about that and I have done for as long as I remember. At school I would write stories and have to delete half to make it fit the word count, even now it’s no different and I’ll realise half way down a blog post I’ve talked away and not actually got to what I wanted to say, here I go again.

I wanted to put down a list of where I find some of my inspiration for blog posts and hopefully help others/ come back to it in the future if I ever get writers block, so here it is.

1. Go outside. Looking at the same four walls isn’t a natural source of newness and creativity. Images can get stale in the mind so a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery helps me a lot, probably most out of this list.

2. Seeing others’ creativity. I’m inspired by other people breaking the mould, trying something different and watching YouTube or being on instagram catches my imagination. There is a niche for everything nowadays and you’re never too far from a new artist, seeing an inspiring video or reading something created by someone else.

3. Reading. As much as I love to write I also love to read. Anything and everything. I think the easiest books for me to read are in short, chick-lit. I absorb them within a matter of days and then onto the next. This being so a book let’s me take my imagination out there without leaving my house. One of my favourite reads lately ‘Still Me’ by Jojo Moyes took me to New York, another By Katie Fforde called ‘Escape to the Country’ let me learn about cheese making and farm living. Two completely different scenarios and I didn’t have to change from my pyjamas.

I shall leave it there for now (or I’ll be rabbiting on all day) and add some more soon. Until then, what helps inspire you?

Until next time,

L x

2 thoughts on “Where I Find Inspiration

  1. Good post! One of my favorite ways to kick-start a new writing project is by reading something I think I won’t like. Sounds crazy, but it really works for me. Sometimes I even find myself getting a surprise attitude adjustment!


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