My Top 6 Inspiring Content Creators

Victoria Magrath and I at the Thomas Sabo Event

This title went from three to five to ten and then to six. It is so had to narrow down all of the Youtubers, Instagram feeds and top bosses that I have been watching for the past few years but I’ve stuck to the ones I’ve been watching the longest and wouldn’t miss a video.

1. Patricia Bright. This woman is a Boss. I love her for her content on The Break Platform, it’s honest and it gives us the financial information we don’t get taught anywhere else. From buying a house to making money on YouTube Patricia gives an in depth, good and bad perspective with no frills.

2. Zoe Sugg. What hasn’t she done? Carving the path for generations after her she is one of the OG’s. Previously bringing out multiple books, merchandise, beauty products and homeware and even being on Bake Off,

3. Elayna Caruso. Sorry to my BFF but you’ve been replaced. An absolute travel inspiration as well as showing life as a mum, a boss and living life doing what you love whilst being a caring and considerate person. Having a merch range among a couple of YouTube channels there’s a lot going on. Now just looking forward to the swimwear range and whatever else happens to come from SLV.

4. Lydia Millen. Having been an avid watcher since their previous home it’s great to have seen the growth, brand partnerships and even hear through podcasts the business decisions Lydia makes and doesn’t talk about. Brave and strong throughout with a humbleness about her.

5. Louise Pentland. Mum of two, author of two*, homeowner of two and now getting into the world of television. Down to earth and not afraid to tell you if you’re being a twit (in the nicest way possible that anyone could do ever). Side note: I met her once and was an absolute loooooser but she was LOVELY.

6. Victoria Mcgrath. Fashion force Bringing out bag collaborations and travel accessories, writing books and now the faintest scent of a fashion line fingers crossed. Hardworking and someone you just want to be best friends with. Again, lucky enough to go to an event with Victoria there and she was completely inspirational.

I could go on and on Jamie Genevieve, Vix Meldrew, Beth Sandland. They are different and definitely inspiring in their own way but I shall not go on forever. Let me know who yours are?

Until next time,

L x

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