Italian Travel Diaries – Bagno Vignoni

View from Bagno Vignoni

As you may have read in other posts I love visiting Italy. Myself and my husband have been to a few places as a couple and will keep going for as long as we can. There is always a new place for us to explore, different places to eat and for me plenty of photos to take. Amongst our favourite places Bagno Vignoni is towards the top of the list. This has become one of my favourite places as the whole area was incredibly tranquil. From the car park walking down we were immediately immersed and feel surrounded by nature. Even though on our second visit two years later we saw the building works that were going on it didn’t impact our surroundings.

In the middle of Bagno Vignoni sits the previously used natural spa baths it was restaurants, shops, a hotel and a modern spa. A short walk outside of the square showed the history of the mills, the waterways and how they were used to sustain the town years before. On our honeymoon we stopped for a coffee on our first visit and a light lunch on our second as I wanted to return before we left. Our second trip to Italy a few years later we visited again. It looked like they were putting more money into the area, adding another building and this time, looking down from the old waterways, people were below in the water themselves. The shops around the bath sold handmade pieces, decorations and homewares from the local areas and it was good to see that they had kept it authentic and true to style.

Bagno Vignoni Land

Next time we visit Tuscany I have no doubt we would go to the baths again, maybe even taking a dip ourselves. I would also like to plan ahead during another trip and try their spa facilities as well as hopefully be able to treat both of us to a massage. I love going to a spa so doing so in such a stunning place would be a great experience.

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Until next time,

L x

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