Two hours in Rye

Cobbled street in Rye

I recently got to visit the town of Rye, just for a couple of hours and as much as they flew by and went very quick I also feel like I managed to see a lot in the small amount of time.

Starting on the road below the church I hopped out of the taxi, walked straight up and inside. It was at the top of a small street surrounded by Tudor style buildings, boutiques and restaurants. It had started to rain so I didn’t hang around. In the church it was classically designed with stained glass windows, pews down one end and a tower that you could go up. It wasn’t open on the day I visited due to the recent storms but on a clear day it must be great to get a full view of the town.

Rye Street and St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Church, Rye

On exiting St. Mary’s church you come face to face with a charming gift shop named Forget Me Not. This was one of my favourite shops whilst in Rye as it had any gift for any family or friend, the lady working there was also a gem; helpful, friendly and happy to show you their products. I made a small purchase whilst I was there and will definitely go again on another trip.

I already knew where I was going to have a cup of tea when I got to Rye and this was The Cobbles tea rooms. I had been before with my husband and couldn’t wait to head in to the cosy cottage style building. I ordered an earl grey tea to have with a scone which came warm and delicious and included jam and cream, the only way to have a scone wherever you are in the country.

The Cobbles Tea Room, Rye
Scone and Tea at The Cobbles, Rye

After a warm and a dry I went for a wander around practically every gift shop in the town. I checked out the bookshop which I am pretty sure is a disguised Waterstones (and therefore my favourite bookstore) and simply carried on walking around taking photos for another 20 minutes waiting for my taxi to return.

It was in this time that I walked back up near the church and saw the castle complete with cannons and turrets looking down along the back of Rye. There was a chocolate box row of houses lining the cobbled streets and filled with character.

Castle, Rye

I will definitely go back to Rye at some point in the future and for a little longer next time. I will fit in a trip up the church tower, a visit to Petit Cafe who I saw on Instagram and a proper look round the castle.

You can also check out my first visit to Rye and see The Cobbles Team Room in a little more sun. Where would you love to go in the UK?

Until next time,

L x

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