A Country Escape by Katie Fforde

A Country Escape by Katie Fforde


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I do love a good book about living in the countryside and A Country Escape by Katie Fforde definitely delivered. Not just chickens and a country manor either more like a working farm including quite demanding cows.

The story takes you through the life of Fran finding out she is due to inherit the ageing farm from a long lost relative including the very expensive to keep cows. Moving from the big city life she had in London to take herself on this next adventure she soon finds it a little harder with more work than she imagined initially.

Fran has to find a way of keeping the farm in profit within a year or the inheritance is no longer valid. She also has to keep another male relative at bay who has come from the woodwork and simply wants to sell the land for a lump sum with no interest in the family and farm history. The catch here is Amy, owner of the farm, almost wants to give it to a male heir (even if he is a snake in the grass).

There of course has to be an eligible bachelor in the story somewhere and he comes in the form of Anthony. An attractive, farm owner himself that knows the business and although Fran did not want to take his help at first she finds herself falling for him, his helpful nature and tries to ignore the fact she believes he wants to take the inheriting land for himself. Fran sees him in different lights as they hand rear new born puppies overnight and he helps her to renovate the farm to get her cheese business up and running.

This was something I thoroughly enjoyed in A Country Escape. The cheese business that Fran wants to set up to support the farm and keep the renowned quality cows inspires the entrepreneurial spirit and makes me want to move to the country and set up shop. I also loved the aspect of starting from scratch renovating the farm and doing up the farm house and could have and aspect of this in every book I read.

Our main character has the support of many friends and makes a few more after taking the leap to move whilst proving herself and her drive to keep the farm thriving. Throughout there was a couple of times where I believed this circumstance may not come to fruition but I was happy with the outcome and I shall be saving this book to read again and sharing it with my mum. I will also be definitely looking out for more to read by Katie Fforde as I found her writing easy to follow and with a strong storyline throughout.

Have you read anything by Katie Fforde? Or have any other recommendations?

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