Early Bird vs Night Owl

Before going any further which one are you?

Throughout my younger years and mid-20’s I was categorically a night owl. I would stay awake watching Netflix and sometimes stay up even after my husband had gone to bed, simply because I wasn’t tired.

I was never a morning person even when my husband would attempt to wake me up to go on a run at 6am, I wasn’t a morning person even an hour (or two) after having that morning cup of tea and I certainly wasn’t a morning person whenever I was awoken by Mia, our chocolate labrador, decided she wanted an early breakfast – which is almost every day.

As you may be able to tell from the above it was my husband that was the morning person and loved to rise with the sun and say things like ‘the early bird catches the worm’ or something similar that is supposed to help. This has actually now flipped a little and it is me that heads to bed around 9pm, stirs the next day at 5:45am and is ready to go downstairs by 6am to make that first brew of the day.

I completely understand that there is a huge difference to this in Summer and Winter and I may revert back to my previous self, staying up until 11pm and not feeling myself until 11am the following day, however I will try my upmost to stick to the routine that I have currently been doing.

9pm – I tend to go to bed and read or listen to a Headspace ’Sleepcast’. When reading it usually takes me around half an hour to fall asleep as my mind is still whirring for a little while after.

I find I sleep better after we have taken the dog for an evening walk or I have exercised earlier on in the day and a good nights rest does help me to feel fresh and provide me with a go-get-em attitude. I would love the keep the pattern going to become an early bird for the foreseeable future.

Don’t forget, let me know which one you are and we’ll chat about it. I’m also on Instagram @lorenjessica_ if you want to chat over there too.

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