Returning to my Favourite Beauty Brands

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As you may see I don’t actually take about beauty that much on here. It isn’t because I don’t like or use it, because I do. I developed a love of beauty and skincare after a Media Makeup Course and from working in spas and have found many products that I have absolutely loved. It is mainly because now I use products known to me and don’t tend to purchase anything trend related or new to the market.

In the last few years I have noticed that it takes longer for my skin to recover from a spot and longer for it to erase a spot scar. This means that I need products that can perform without wasting my money trying to find them and this is why I am returning to the brands I used to use and love when my skin was at its best.

I recently posted this photo on Instagram after using the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. It wasn’t the first time I had used the product and I have been using it sparingly for a while not wanting to run out. I thought about this for a while and realised I am doing that classic thing of ‘saving things for best’. I have decided not to do this any longer and especially not with something as important and fragile as looking after my skin.

As well as skincare I also took a look at the makeup I was using and purchased a BareMinerals collection to get me restarted in a previous beauty routine. This routine was the one I used for around 8 years and in the run up to our wedding. Between a few products and a consistent regime I found what worked for my skin and what I am now returning to after 2-3 years away from it.

Let’s start with the reasons I moved away from this routine.

  1. I had gotten married. Every bride wants their skin to be perfect for their big day and I believe I had achieved this. I then simply used the products until they ran out which leads me onto…
  2. The cost. The products that I like and which work for me are not super cheap. They are what I deem to be mid-high price point when you think that you can actually pick up a product for £5-10 instead of the £25-30 for makeup that I have recently paid and £40+ for skincare. With house renovations then to pay for make-up and skincare had to be budgeted somewhat and the more costly products were the first to be a taken from the shopping list.
  3. Everything was great. My skin and hair were the healthiest that they had ever looked. And you know why? Because I was doing everything I should. Fun Fact: It only stays that way if you continue with it.

We had bought a home which needed a LOT of work and my priorities changed with that. I was still gifted products for birthdays and Christmas and like to treat myself every now and again but a bi-monthly to monthly purchase was not on the cards for a long time.

Which brings me up to the present. I feel that as I am reaching my 30th *sharp intake of breath I know* year I feel that I want and need to be correctly taking care of my skin once again and that I can no longer waste spend money on products that are not doing the job. Through house renovations I have found that although we are spending more money upfront on the times that we do the quality is better and we spend less in the long run on a job well done the first time. This also follows a quote I found and loved recently “Buy cheap, buy twice”. It epitomises what I am trying to put across here and I am finding it more relevant in the products I have been purchasing over the last couple of years.

So, with this in mind I am now returning to my favourite, tried and tested beauty and skincare brands. I can not wait to return to that glow and flawless finish every time which in turn will save me time (mainly beauty; not spent trying to correct or blend a incorrect foundation shade, attempting to wipe too-obvious blusher off or having to reapply later in the day) and money (mainly skincare; spending on products that simply do not work as they say they should and then either wasting it or using it for the sake of it and still having to find another of the product).

Right now I am going to see what is online and what would make a great addition to my skincare routine. If you have found any products you can not be without let me know about them. You can also find me on Instagram @lorenjessica_ to chat there too.

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