DIY Drinks Cabinet Renovation

I love a good renovation project whether the project is mine or not and I can always appreciate a before and after shot on Instagram for a job well done. Sometimes a smaller project (other than the rooms we are currently doing in our own home) are great to do as you see the result a lot quicker and can mainly do them yourself, not like our current bedroom renovation where we have had tradespeople in/waiting for lockdown to end etc. 

The DIY I’m talking about today was a project that my sister started. Soon to be moving she wanted a drinks cabinet to go in her new place and found one she liked on Facebook Marketplace for £10. She then chose furniture paint in duck egg blue and decorative wallpaper, both from Laura Ashley which came to £16 for both.

It soon turned into a family project as with DIY we all like to get involved in some way and the cabinet had been deconstructed and sanded, with the bulk of the structure painted before I got involved. The doors were then painted taking 3 coats as it was pale blue covering a dark wood. This being said there is still some paint left (maybe for another mini project?)

Once the painting had been completed and fully dried it was time to apply the wallpaper to the inside of the cabinet. They were sanded, again to give the smooth wood an abrasive layer for the glue to sink in. Each section was different in size so needed measuring, marking and cutting out from the roll. It was decided that the more of the peacock print the better and the floral splitting up the panels so the sections were pretty precise in their marking up. Doing this I believe gave the best effect and although it did use a little more paper than it could have it was definitely worth it. It was a standard length of wallpaper so we had plenty to work with and plenty left over but if I was to do a similar project with patterned paper it would make me think about the pattern, which parts I wanted more of and using this to calculate how much paper or vinyl actually needed.

We used PVA glue to attach the paper inside and it really worked well for a project like this instead of wallpaper paste as would be the standard. Once the paper was measured, cut and glued the task then fell to my mum to apply to the wood, she’s the one who wallpapers in the house and arguably has the eye for detail with things like this.

My sister then drilled the handles back onto the doors and the drawer so the decoration part was finished but not the project as a whole just yet. The drawer on the cabinet is a fake however my dad is making it into a real drawer by attaching runners and a base for it to also be used as a pull out tray for when drinks are served, they are just waiting on some parts to arrive to complete it and I can’t wait to see what it’s like finished.

Let me know if you’ve got any big or little DIY projects on the go either in the comments or on Instagram.

I can say that it has definitely inspired me to 1. Have a drinks cabinet in the house and 2. Do a little furniture project of my own. 

You know maybe after finishing the bedroom, putting shelves up in the kitchen, retiling the bathroom. Yeah, after that. 

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