Benefits Of Knowing Your Style

I had a conversation recently that really got me thinking. If there is one thing I can talk continuously about its homes, houses and decor and this conversation was no different but what really stuck out to me is how it made me think about my own style afterwards. I then noticed this when scrolling on Instagram and Pinterest at home inspiration and colour schemes and even looking at my own Instagram grid. 

I’ve a couple of friends that KNOW their style and it makes so much sense. They like country-esque designs, mixed with wood and stick to a colour scheme. Others have a strong colour palette of greys and tan mixing modern and country but with similar colours following each room it gives a sense of flow and consistency.

It makes for a strong base. 

If you know your style, each room in your house will have a great flow to it. When one room is similar to the next you can go through to each without a disruption in tone or mood. I notice this strongly in my own home at the minute. When we have guests round I prefer to stay in the kitchen/diner as it’s bright and feels uncluttered. At the moment the living room is half decorated and is in complete distracting contrast that if we were to move company into the living room it becomes darker and more compact. This shows the importance of a house that flows comfortably from one room to another and not just when having guests round. You want to love your space wherever you are in your home and to help this being sure of your style is ideal.

It makes purchases easier. 

And I mean this for both purchases made by yourself for your home and referring to gifts from friends and family. If you see something you love you don’t have to think ‘Where will this fit in my home?’ If you love it and you have a similar colour scheme and style running through the item could go in any room. There have been plenty of times when I have seen something and loved it but haven’t known where it will fit in my home so it was left, or worse purchased anyway and unused.

Less likely to change it.

If your whole joke follows your taste and style you’re probably less likely to change it. If you like and enjoy being in each room you don’t tend to find fault or constantly wish you could redecorate it. You’ll be less influenced by how others have decorated (unless you decide to redo the whole house) because you like the way you’ve designed your space and you’re comfortable in it.

Evaluating my own style.

I am forever changing my mind when it comes to home decor. I have realised that in the past I have taken too many different opinions on board when making a decision for something that is going in my home. I am also quite easily convinced that something will work which never bodes well when making a large purchase. Now I know this of course, I am planning on changing my ways.

The one thing that I have always known is that I like white. Whereas some people may find it cold or boring I find it calming and a blank canvas to add to. Liking white does make it difficult when decorating as the elephant (or dog) in the room is the fact we have a chocolate labrador so some compromise does have to be made.

I also am easily swayed by a good home trend. Grey walls? We’ll have them! Moving to Taupe? No problem! Patterned paper and black skirting? Pass me the brush! Like I said, easily influenced.

I am however starting to realise that actually living with something is different to seeing it look great on social media and we each have our own individual style and limitations of what we want to see every day whilst making it functional. For an example, if I put up a dark floral patterned wall after a few months I’d paint over it with a neutral shade, yet love seeing it in other homes. Similarly if I had nothing but cream through my whole house I’d get bored and want to add a bright blue wall somewhere.

With that in mind it’s clearly all about finding your own style, making your own decisions and filling your home with your own vibe.

Do you agree? I share more of my home on Instagram if you want to come and chat (and see the constant changes I make).

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