4 Textile Pieces To Switch Up In The Home

Cushions. We now have decorative cushions in the bedroom. I know I’ve made it now because they actually go back on the bed in the morning. Shock right. They don’t sit on the floor (because let’s be honest who actually uses them) or even worse, they get demoted to the chair-drove. You know that chair in the bedroom? Yes I know you haven’t seen it in a while but it’s still there.

We’ve recently chosen a couple of cushions that I love and really go with our sage green colour scheme in the bedroom but I know I can swap these if I wanted a change or if we bought different bedding, which leads me nicely on to…

Bedding. If there’s one thing I love looking at when homeware shopping, it’s bedding. There’s just so many textures, colours and styles it’s sometimes hard to choose and I’ve seen them range anywhere between £15 and £100 (and probably higher) for a new set so it’s not like the options aren’t there if a shake up is what you want. I’ve found a new level with our set from IKEA because it has a zip close! How I got to nearly 30 years of age without seeing a zipped bedding set I’ll never know (buttons and press studs this far) but it’s a game changer in the speed and overall fiddly-ness. Yes that’s now a phrase.

Towels. In our bathroom we tend to stick with the white, beige and navy colour schemes but I’ve seen fuchsia, teal and purple in some bathrooms when a change up was required. New towels, potentially along with a new bath mat, can brighten up a bathroom instantly without a big budget. I tend to do this but with kitchen towels as I love seeing a kitchen towel with a fun print and we always seem to run out so that’s a reason for more if I ever heard one.

Curtains. This suggestion is likely the most expensive one of the bunch but can really be the feature of a room if your finding the paintwork a little bland. Sometimes in rented accommodation it can be a great way to add a bit of character or personal style or tie in other colours from the room. I have seen very expensive bespoke curtains to high street purchases, from heavy swags and tails to linen coverings again there are options to give a room a different look instead of repainting or stripping it back which can either be costly or time consuming.

Let me know if you’ve made any recent soft furnishing purchases for your home, I’d love to see them too!

2 thoughts on “4 Textile Pieces To Switch Up In The Home

    1. Thank you! Yes, we only rented for a short time and had a gorgeous cottage but it was still a little difficult. Ooh let me know what you go for, I’m on Instagram @lorenjessica_home


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