Creating Sustainable Shopping Habits

The word ‘sustainable’ is cropping up more and more recently and with good reason. We buy too much for the environment to keep up with and it is causing an impact that we can not continue with safely. That is partly why I am looking at my own shopping habits and have decided that where possible I want to start changing these to choosing more sustainable options.

Shopping is a part of our society and I love going out and browsing the rails and treating myself to a new dress or cushion for the living room and because I enjoy this I don’t want to stop altogether and I don’t think that’s the answer. I do however aim to make some changes in what I buy, how often I buy and where I buy from. Thinking about sustainability when I make a purchase will help me to make a more conscious decision than I might have previously.

The What

This, obviously enough, refers to what I’m physically purchasing. Do I need it? Have I got something like it? If the answer is yes then I probably shouldn’t be buying it. However sometimes, and this probably goes for a lot of people, I will want to buy it anyway. This isn’t a bad thing, it just depends on how often these choices are being made. Once every few months is ok by my standards but if my shopping habits became ignorant every week or so then that wouldn’t be very sustainable. So, purchases from now on will be thought through and if I don’t need/won’t use something to it’s full potential, then I don’t need to buy it.

The How Often. 

Like mentioned above how often purchases are made is pretty important. Do I need a new occasion dress every week? Nope (especially now). Do I even need a new outfit every week? Nope, I can wear something I’ve already got. This can be referred to even outside of clothing. When it comes to skincare, is a new facemask really needed or should I use up the ones I’ve got? When putting sustainability at the forefront of your mind the answer is pretty easy. I shouldn’t need to purchase something new unless it’s running out or is completely different.

Loren smiling at the camera wearing a white polo neck jumper

The Where

Do the places I am shopping from have the same values as myself? Are they working towards more sustainable processes or finding ways to become more sustainable? If not then do I want to shop there? There are plenty of large and small business’ that are thinking about and making moves to better their environmental impact so it’s not hard to find a product on the market that fits with your values a little more. Again I’m not preaching that we only shop at eco friendly stores now because we don’t, but the change I am making is to buy less. Buy less and buy better. Buying better quality items (and looking after them) means they may just last longer. You may find yourself taking better care of them because they cost more and they will have less environmental impact than buying 10 of the same top as they feel more disposable.

Are you thinking more about creating sustainable shopping habits? Let me know!

Photography by Jade Pogson Photography

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