Sustainable Shaving Using Estrid

A few weeks ago now the Estrid razor was everywhere. Almost every YouTuber I watched was doing some kind of collaboration with them advertising how great they were but it is quite difficult through a screen to know if something will actually work for you so it took me a while to commit to a purchase.

Let’s start there, ‘Sustainable Shaving’ is actually a thing. Cruelty free shaving is actually a thing. Two things that have never crossed my mind as I was chucking a pack of razors into my trolley on the weekly shop. We’ve all heard of cruelty free make up and how some products are tested on animals but some razors also use animal products in the hydrating/soothing strip. There are so many other natural solutions known in the world right now that this doesn’t have to still be the case.

Another sustainable selling point for me was the handle of the razor. Made of steel and with replacement heads sent as often, or not, as you need them it is made to last a lot longer than the plastic version where the whole razor (and plastic packaging) gets thrown away each time. Which brings me on to the packaging. Cardboard, chic and completely recyclable, need I say more?

Once I had decided to go for it and see if they lived up to their hype I went online to pick the colour of the handle and the frequency of my razor deliveries. Two sets of blades came with the initial package and then the refills will arrive in four sets how ever often you’d like them to.

When it actually came to using the razor I found it so different to ones I had used before. It is definitely slightly heavier to use but this only adds to its quality feel. The shave itself was incredibly smooth and exactly what most female targeted razor brands are missing. I’ve found mens razors to give a much closer shave but many of those also face the same issues as female aimed brands with their values.

I am 100% continuing my subscription with Estrid and would love them to release more products in line with their company ethics. I have seen that they do a few body products available to members and would love to try these in the future but for now a close, sustainable shave is exactly what I signed up for and what I’m getting.

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