What ‘Buy Consciously’ means to me

I’m talking more and more about how I want to ‘buy consciously not constantly’ so today I thought I’d expand a little on what I actually mean by it. It’s quite a wide variety of intentions summed up in a short phrase so here we go.


When I can browse the rails in charity shops, I will. When I can find just the right top secondhand online or find a sustainable brand that has exactly what I wanted of course I’m going to make that sustainable decision. I really don’t like the idea of people being underpaid to make things or tonnes of perfectly good items going to landfill and where possible I do intend to shop more sustainably, thinking about my carbon footprint and what I want to be putting out into the world and bringing into my home. This also goes for the packaging of products and the companies values in how they approach sustainability. I don’t doubt it’s not always going to be easy as there will be occasions where I see something whilst out and about that I love. The idea isn’t to stop buying altogether just to buy less often and buy quality pieces that will last.

Shop Small Business

Shopping local and small business has been so prevalent this year and I am very much on board. I love the idea of someone creating something and putting themselves out there. It can be super scary to start up on your own but once your making the sales and see people are loving your work it’s amazing. The small business happy dance is real and I intend to shop small where I can, not just for Christmas but throughout the year. I find that when shopping independently you get a great service and those little extra touches you can’t get on the high street. People are out there creating their dreams and if I can support that and purchase a little something in the process then that’s great news all round.

I Very Rarely Pay Full Price

Obviously not with the above small business I have just spoken about but the bigger players have bigger margins. Please argue if you know better but a lot of the time (mainly in fashion) the margin is big and end of line/season sales are regular. There are also other ways to save even just a little bit of money whether that’s reward schemes, cash back incentives or a good old fashioned outlet store. I would say that my spending on clothes is 90% discounted from RRP and 10% bought full price. The more money I can keep in my own pocket the better.

Cruelty Free/Vegan

Not everything comes with a vegan alternative (yet!) but if I had two identical items in front of me I would of course go for the cruelty free or vegan option. There are so many animal products and by products used in items nowadays that it can take some research to find but alternatives are available for many products out now and more are being made all the time. The higher the demand gets the more important and readily available vegan and cruelty free options will become.

With everything in the news about items going to landfill it’s hard not to want to make a change to shopping habits and in short I intend to buy less, buy quality and buy ethically. I’m also going to keep a spending diary in 2021 to check in at the end of the year so keep your eyes peeled for updates on how I’m doing.

Do you do any of these now? Would you say you shop consciously or not so much just yet? Come over to chat more about buying consciously on Instagram or here in the comments.

Images by Jade Pogson Photography

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