The Sustainable Products I’ll Never Buy

It’s kind of understood that people should ‘never say never’ however here I am saying that there are some products that are in the sustainable, eco friendly market that I will never buy. Whatever you buy you’re bringing something into your home so first of all let’s make sure you either need it, love it or will use it. This even includes items that are sold as sustainable or eco friendly options to help the environment but even still I refuse to buy them.

Reusable Kitchen Towels

If it looks like a cloth and it acts like a cloth it’s more than likely a cloth. In disguise. I can not explain how much seeing ‘reusable kitchen towels’ annoys me because we’ve had them for ages and they’re either called dish cloths, tea towels, cloth napkins and yes let’s even go there, rags. Let’s not put a new product into the world, using even more fabric and give it a new name to make it sound sustainable. Also I have never bought kitchen roll in the almost six years we’ve owned our own house and you know what, we’ve managed.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Ok, I’ve kind of calmed down now. I get that this replaces the standard plastic toothbrush as the bamboo handle can be recycled which is a great idea. I just love my electric toothbrush too much to go back now. I have seen sustainable replacement toothbrush head options but haven’t made the jump as I’m stocked up but this could be a future option. As for the bamboo, you can keep the manual.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

Is it just me that has never found themselves needing a cutlery set whilst out and about? Everywhere I have eaten has cutlery and if it has plastic options I’m sure it’s food I can eat with my hands. In work situations they have more often than not supplied cutlery. And if I ever have wanted to take my own, well, I took the good old fashioned ones out of the kitchen drawer.

Face Cleansing Pads


But please let me expand. The classic, lowly flannel has been around for yeeeaars and yet here we are now making them into circles therefore creating more waste. Fabric doesn’t come in circle shapes it has to be cut that way, so where does the waste fabric go? Answer. In the bin. They also tend to have fancy fabric (to make them more appealing than a sad uni-coloured flannel) on the back and thus providing us with more waste. They’re good for micellar water I hear you say? Don’t even get me started.

Sustainable Recycled Loo Roll

I would love to be able to afford sustainable paper to throw down the toilet. That’s the ultimate definition of luxury.

Let me know if you agree with any of these sustainable options or if you disagree come and tell me how you’ll change my mind! You can find me here in the comments or over on Instagram.

Loren looking at the camera wearing a cream jumper, sustainable living, eco friendly

Image by Jade Pogson Photography

5 thoughts on “The Sustainable Products I’ll Never Buy

  1. I do have to confess I have a camping cutlery set in my bag, sometimes I do need it when out and about, my pet hate was always getting offered plastic spoons with a coffee, even if the coffee came in china cup!


  2. This is nearly identical to my list, and for the same reasons. I bought a 50-pack of white rags about 7 years ago to replace paper towels and the system still works perfectly! I do sometimes make the flannel face wipes (which I don’t really understand) as gifts for others using fabric scraps from my own sewing projects. Some of the sustainable products that have emerged in the last decade or so are just silly, so it’s nice to see someone point that out. Cheers and happy holidays!


    1. Ah that’s great to hear! Yes, we’ve got plenty of cloths that work fine 😂 making face wipes from scraps is a fantastic way of using it all though instead of going to waste. I know, it’s like putting more in the world for no reason 🤷‍♀️ Happy Holidays!

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