My 3 Intentions for 2021

Firstly, Happy New Year!

Secondly, these aren’t the classic New Year resolutions, they’re intentions. I want these to be more like lifestyle changes rather than actual targets to achieve as this way they will last longer and will simply become part of my routine and the way I live. There are also figures out there that state New Year Resolutions are broken in the first few months of the year and as these intentions have no number and no end goal there is room for growth. There is also no win and no fail when it comes to the intentions I have set myself as they are simply guidelines of the changes I’d like to make, starting in this new year. 

To consume consciously. 

I speak about buying consciously a lot on the blog but I love New Years to start fresh with my intentions. This year I want to keep track of my purchases and keep a spending diary to see what and where I’m buying from most often. I plan on making all of my collections smaller in 2021 and to help with this I think a spending diary is a great idea to review every so often. 

Consuming consciously for me also means researching the brands I feel comfortable buying from and putting my money where my mouth is when it comes to wanting to make progressive changes when it comes to brand ethics and values on sustainability. 

To live in the present. 

This one is very important to me and maybe one of the most difficult. Even though going about the day sounds like one of the easiest things to do actually being present and enjoying the moments to remember can be tricky. I am not only writing these intentions here but I am also writing them on a piece of paper to have on my mirror to remind myself that every day is precious in one way or another and to live in the present and live life to its fullest potential. I understand that some days are going to be a little more mundane than others but that’s all part of it.

New 2021 diary with goals and intentions

To schedule time for self care. 

If 2020 has taught me anything it is the fact that self care is very important. I love the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ as it is quite true. Self care can be as simple as brushing teeth in the morning right through to taking part in a class it just depends on perspective and what there is time for. I know that I am lucky enough to probably schedule 20 minutes for myself every day and will likely choose to read, listen to a guided meditation or spend 20 minutes on my skin as these are all things I like to do simply for me. 

I look forward to checking in every four months to see where I am with each of these intentions and to see if they have diverted from course or if they have slipped easily into my routine. 

Have you set any intentions for 2021?

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