How I came to start my sustainability journey

I’ve been blogging for years now and never really settled on my content. There’s lots of topics I love don’t get me wrong. I love interiors, beauty and fashion and I started out as a lifestyle blogger mainly talking about skincare but each topic didn’t quite sit well with me in the long run. When I realised what it was I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before and I would have started making more sustainable choices ages ago.

A few years ago when blogging about my beauty purchases or a new outfit I’d just bought I was becoming increasingly aware of how much I was buying. I was accumulating stuff that I wasn’t using because I was buying more stuff on top. I also felt like I couldn’t stop because I’d have nothing to write about. If I didn’t do reviews or be seen to be having the latest thing then people wouldn’t be interested. If I didn’t have photos taken in new clothes all the time people wouldn’t appreciate my content. If I wasn’t adding or buying new home decor people would get bored. This of course isn’t the case and the people that value the same things you do will stay, no matter what you wear, what products you use or what your house looks like. It’s the other kinds of value you bring to the table. Not the ‘stuff’ but the qualities that make you as a person.

So after a little social media break I thought about what things I actually valued. And it wasn’t the unworn clothes I’d bought on a whim. It wasn’t the multiple unused beauty products filling drawers. And it wasn’t the shelves looking cluttered and truly adding a little stress to my life. I’m not one for too many bits and pieces on show and I actually prefer items to be tucked away in a proper place. I’ve found that too much home clutter tends to take up head space too.

In more recent months the term ‘fast fashion’ has been mentioned a lot and after undertaking some research of my own I did find that some of my wardrobe pieces do fit into that category. I also researched ingredients that go into beauty products, where our rubbish goes and the effect of plastic on the environment. I found that I wanted to change some of my habits. I found that I wanted to only pay for what I really value.

Loren stood in the woods in a dark green coat with her hood up smiling to the camera

On another personal note I’ve always had a taste for a little luxury. I like a well made bag, I like an embroidered, detailed dress. I like beauty buys that provide me with an air of visiting a spa. Higher quality loves don’t have to always come with the price tag but when they do, one item of better quality could be worth 10 of another. Buying one gorgeous dress that I can wear 30 times plus could come to the same cost as buying 5 new dresses that can only be worn once or twice. I used to gasp at a coat that my husband has that cost £250+ at the time, yet after around 8 years he still wears it constantly and it has been incredibly well looked after.

When I added more items in my home it made it so I was constantly taking bags to the charity shop and stressing about the ‘already too many things’ I had kept. With education and research on top of this I began to get concerned about where my thrown out items were actually going. My aim to streamline my collections also became about making my purchases more sustainable in the long run.

So I started my journey to becoming more sustainable in my purchases and really thinking about what I bring into my home. I now ask myself, do I need it? Will I use it? What effect does it have on the planet? Could I purchase it secondhand? Can I use something I already have?

I’m not going to stop buying as I don’t believe that’s the answer. There is enough money in retail to keep it going and each price point serves a purpose. What I am going to do is minimise and value what I do buy. Purchase quality items from brands whose values I can agree with and where I am happy to put my money to essentially continue that work.

Have you made any changes to the way you make purchases or the products you’re buying?

Loren smiling at the camera with her coat hood up

Photos by Jade Pogson Photography

5 thoughts on “How I came to start my sustainability journey

  1. Great post and yes sometimes spending a bit more results in an item that lasts much longer. Op shops are now my first go to for any shopping, that, and re-using, up-cycling is now my way of living, saving heaps of money, loving the creative challenge of living this way and I am just a whole lot happier as a result. 🌻


    1. Ah this is great to hear thanks for sharing! Yes I can’t wait until the charity shops are open again so I can get hunting. Also love to reuse. My favourite thing has to be a sauce pot as a soap dish. I’ll share it sometime 😄 so glad to hear that you’re happy too!


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