Why I *Never* Pay Full Price

I recently posted the below image on Instagram as the dress I’d bought early in 2020 had been reduced from £69 to £6.90! What a saving I thought. My kind of floaty dress in a light fabric, ideal for the day or night with a feminine feel all at a snip of a price. It wasn’t until later that I began to wonder about HOW the brand can discount an item by so much? How much money does it actually take to make the dress? Not a lot I imagine if they can afford to lose so much on it.

This made me start thinking about the value in most of the products and clothes we see everyday. I have always been a notorious sale shopper and hardly anything in my house is full price. If a discount can be found I will find it. If it can’t then I’ll more often than not just leave it. There are of course some exceptions to the rule and I’ll go into these later.

There is always company profit to be made or else the business wouldn’t be surviving but often these profits are so big that a product can be reduced 2 maybe 3 times and STILL make a profit.

Ever bought something and then seen it go into the sale a week later? Yeah, it sucks.

Looking after the pennies

Saving £20-£30 on something could mean a weekly shop or a meal out. Even saving a few pounds could be a take away coffee when really needed. A saving of pennies could even all add up. And those savings across a year or two could mean a break away. The pennies do better in our own pockets than the top bosses who probably have plenty.

More and more I also find myself thinking about not only sale items but finding the same or a very similar item second hand. People are always selling things for one reason or another and sometimes in excellent condition.

Do I need it?

This is a question I have been asking myself more and more. Whenever I see something that I would love for either my wardrobe or my home I have been asking myself ‘do I need it?’ And the answer most commonly is no. The question before the impulse buy could be saving me anything from a couple of quid to £50 each time and I’m really glad I’ve been talking myself out of some of these impulse buys lately because I’ve actually forgotten about them within a week.

Buying Discounted

If there is profit to be made in every sale the discount will come eventually. Fashions and trends change so quickly that new products are always being introduced and the old ones need to be pushed out. There are very small cases in which this isn’t the case but for the high street it happens multiple times in a year.

I’m not one for needing the latest trend and I have a simple style so I’ve learned that I can wait for pieces to reach the sale and I don’t feel the need to stay updated all the time which does my purse strings a great deal of good.

For the things that aren’t so quick to reach the sale. Skincare for example tends to stay at a price point and if anything increase over time with taxes or gains in popularity. Skincare and beauty also aren’t such trend led products so have longer shelf life. This is where I don’t mind spending a little more where I have to but even so there are often discount websites, coupon codes and the very occasional sale throughout the year to keep our eyes peeled for. I no longer put my money into products I don’t need or haven’t done my research on.

Outlet Shopping

These are a tricky one. Most of the time outlet stock is leftover pieces. On the rare occasion a line has been made for the lower price point to go specifically to the outlet store. It’s about knowing this, what there is and what it’s really worth.

I am personally a huge fan of outlet shopping, see above where I’m not trend led so don’t care if I’m a season (or few) behind, if I like a piece I like it. There are discounts to be had from the usual RRP of items or a certain brand and if I can get a better quality/brand piece at a cheaper price then of course, why not?

When I Do Buy Full Price

Support small business. There may be one or two members of a small business trying to keep their new company afloat and they don’t want to be asked if there are any discounts. If they have any end of line stock they’ll announce it.

Food. From the supermarket, farm shop or in restaurants. Full price is often the only option.

As a gift. If someone has specifically asked for something, I will get them that. I won’t go out of my way to get them a gift (that they might not want) just because it was cheaper/in the sale. If they didn’t want the new gift then it was a waste of money anyway.

When I value the item its worth. If an item has been incredibly well made and designed and I can see where the value is then I of course will pay the asking price (but my standards are high so it has to be good).

Let me know if your a savvy saver or if you’ll take anything on board from this post, I’d love to chat about it.

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