What I ask when buying something new

Sometimes we just want something new. Something that only we have had. And that is perfectly ok. Sometimes we might see a style that we simply love and can’t stop thinking about it. Or need a missing piece to fit into our capsule wardrobes. Whatever the reason I have told myself I won’t feel guilty about buying something new when I really want it. I am also of the opinion that the more I tell myself I can’t have something, the more I want it. For this I’ve come up with some pointers for future shopping trips.

Will this item mix and match with at least 5 outfits I already have?

By considering items it will coordinate with that I already own will mean that I am thinking about how I can get the most value from a new piece of clothing or an accessory before I have even purchased it. The cost of wear will also decrease the more wear it gets which would be exactly what I’m looking for. I also only want to be buying items that will fit easily into my existing collection that make choosing an outfit in the morning easier. By mentally pairing it with items I own its becoming a conscious purchase, rather than just picking it up and paying for it.

With new garments like tops, trousers and skirts the mixing and matching is arguably the easiest as many colour palettes are adaptable. Dresses can be difficult of course to mix and match with anything other than layers so I could question if it was wearable in different seasons or could be paired with other accessories that make it wearable for different occasions.

Will I still be wearing this next year? In 5 years?

Trends change quickly. Too quickly and they come and go and come back again. I was sporting the woolly tank top about 16/17 years ago and here it is having its time again. With this in mind I am being really careful as not to buy into trends. If I feel like it will be more of a statement piece for right now or a fashion flash in the pan do I really want it? There are some styles that I have bought in the past that I still love but there are 100+ more that I am glad I didn’t buy into.

If I can truly tell myself that I will still be wearing a certain item in 5 years it will clearly be a wardrobe investment and a slow fashion piece. If I think it might be donated after the season is over then no money needs to be spent.

Is this actually my style?

When I say this I mean I can’t even remember the amount of times I have bought things in the past and a few weeks or months later wondered why. There are some topics to consider here like; Does the shape/colour suit me? Do I just want it because it’s a good price? Do I just want the brand name in my wardrobe? Is it comfortable and will it fit with my day to day?

I have found these questions becoming easier and easier to answer when shopping because I have narrowed down what I actually wear and what I want to wear. My daily go to is jeans, a white jumper and tan boots so when I see a lemon jumpsuit I now realise that it just won’t get the wear it deserves. I am able to split that desire for something that looks cute on the hanger and meet it with some truth (and leave it behind).

I would love to know if you have any conscious buying tips or tricks or if you ask yourself anything before making a purchase. For more reading there’s also my post on how I’m creating sustainable shopping habits and what buying consciously means to me.

One thought on “What I ask when buying something new

  1. I have become slightly more comfortable with making the occasional expensive purchase if it is something I know will last and can be used in multiple circumstances it actually stops me from buying more stuff, just the occasional wise purchase, like my doc marten boots. I wear them to work and they are also my bushwalking boots and I try to look after them so they last. I have to really need something now before I will even consider buying something, not always easy to do. No impulse buying, always have to wait and really weigh up whether I need something or just want something.


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