Creating A Relaxing Space

I’ve always been really interested in interiors. From a little tweak here to a full renovations I find them inspiring, productive and it’s interesting to see how different people design their own spaces.

Some people like bright colours, maximalism and funny prints. Others prefer neutrals and less decorative items around them. I lean more towards camp neutral and like a mix of decorative memorabilia and functional items without going OTT.

When you know what you like and what makes a calming environment it’s easier to create a beautiful space where you’re happy to go at any time.

I can confirm our living room wasn’t that for me. The sofa was uncomfortable, the room felt small and the colours were not my style and made the room feel dingy. Again it would have been someone else’s taste completely but not my own relaxing space and I didn’t want to take visitors in there when we had a bright and airy kitchen that felt more ‘me’.

With multiple friends moving house or redoing rooms recently there has been plenty of design chat with regards to what they’re planning to do with their spaces and each perfectly represents how they want to feel returning from work each day or where they are in their lives right now. We also have to think about a new addition coming along and with maternity leave I knew I wanted to create a space where I could spend a few hours in the day.

For us and our living room this meant a complete redo. Taking the fireplace front off, taking up the carpet, having the room plastered and starting again with a blank canvas. The only thing we are actually keeping is the tv and if I could’ve put that in a cupboard I would have!

For others creating their perfect space it could mean a lick of paint and a couple of cushions. It could mean swapping some decorative pieces for family photos or it could just be adding a cosy blanket for autumn or a little declutter. It doesn’t have to be a big project and sometimes small ones can make a huge difference. I’ll also always say that changes don’t have to break the budget and any shopper should always remember to ‘buy consciously not constantly’. I don’t think I’ll be buying any new purely decorative items for the new room, just sourcing pieces from other rooms and curating a different collection that goes together.

I can’t wait for the space to be finished and be a beautiful relaxing space that reflects us and our growing family and as dusty as it may be right now I actually love the process too.

Let me know what your perfect space looks like, calm or a hive of activity? Neutral or bold? Nothing on display or every treasure possible? And stay tuned for updates on Instagram @lorenjessica_ @lorenjessicahome

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