Our Visit to Disney’s Baby Care Centres

I started this piece about 5 baby things in Disney but found I could go on and on about the baby care centres in the parks. I didn’t know much about them before we went and only knew they were there and yet found the baby care centres in each of the Disney parks to be an absolute saviour. Not only did it provide a cool place for baby to be inside for a little while but they had comfortable padded changing tables, separate nursing rooms and a kitchenette where we could use the microwave to sterilise bottles before prepping one to take with us for later in the day. We use the Tommee Tippee and Boots own sterilising bags for use in the microwave and I love the MAM dummies and case that can be sterilised in the microwave too. The baby care centres are also manned so if you have any questions or need to buy nappies, wipes and such they’re on hand. Our favourite was Magic Kingdom and I heard it had had a remodel just before we got there. The Alice in Wonderland theming was lovely, they all felt clean and there was always a changing/nursing space whenever we got there. Even at Hollywood Studios which was the smallest care centre.

We always went first thing in the morning to sort/prep everything then we’d go back on occasion throughout the day. This was when it was the quietest and at this time upon park opening we were the only ones there.

Darcie on one of the changing stations at the Baby Care Centre in Magic Kingdom

There are as you’d expect changing areas in restrooms throughout the park which is super handy. I would just say remember to take a change mat with you as these are like marble worktops and not the padded ones like in the baby centres. Don’t be like me and forget it. At one point I had to take the wipes out of the pack that I was going to use and rest baby’s head on the packet. Never forgetting the mat again!

The baby care centre at Animal Kingdom was I’d say the biggest. It had a great family room to wait or feed as I once did as Animal Kingdom does only have two nursing rooms and both were in use at the time. We found ourselves in the communal areas of the centres a couple of times just to let Darcie start a cooler, quieter and still nap before heading back outside.

Darcie in the changing crib at the Animal Kingdom Baby Care Centre

At one of the centres we found ourselves short of a nappy right at the end of the day. We were about to buy a pack from the centre until the excellent cast members said they might have one just to get us back to our hotel and they did. She let us have this for free from a previously opened pack. There was only one size open and in the cupboard so I think this was a rare occurrence and wouldn’t rely on it but it was a lovely gesture and saved us from taking a full pack back that evening. We bought one the next day of course but used them so weren’t carrying them around.

When using the changing stations the cast members asked that after use we threw the paper on the table away so that they could clean and wipe it down. This in itself made me feel confident that the places were kept on top of and that cleanliness including in the kitchen and nursing rooms were all important.

As the Magic Kingdom baby care centre recently had a refurb I would think that the rest would be having one soon too and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do each one up. I would definitely visit them again and know they were a HUGE help during our trip.

A corner of the nursing room at Magic Kingdom Baby Care Centre

I’d love to know if you found the baby care centres helpful on your Disney trip or if you’ve got a trip planned soon!

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