Secondhand September 2022

This year I’m knuckling down and taking part and challenging myself to secondhand September. It’s always been a tricky one as my birthday is in September so it’s like I’ll always get something new even if I buy secondhand. But this year I’m continuing with it as anyone would with a birthday in any other month of the year, and I’m giving myself the challenge of only buying secondhand.

I feel like this could be really tricky as there’s now our 8 month old daughter to consider and charity shops don’t have a great selection for her age so I’ll have to look elsewhere too. I see so many bundles on marketplace and loads on car boots too.

I also think it will be difficult as I’ve started Christmas shopping! I know who am I starting in August. I wanted to be done before December this year due to my daughters birthday being close to Christmas (so she’ll forever get two lots of presents super close together) and have just been getting things on offer where I see them at the time.

I have previously seen and bought a few things for myself recently in the charity shops and even found a great wedding guest outfit new with tags that I wore.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s a hunt and I know some people hate that and much prefer walking into somewhere and spotting an item of clothing that they’d buy. I don’t mind hunting for the buried treasure. I’ve also become adept at scanning a rail and searching for colours, fabrics and style that I’d wear without going through every item. Once you know what you like and what you would wear it becomes a whole lot easier to speed up the pace when looking through multiple pieces.

So, here it goes. My first attempt at Secondhand September. I can’t totally say how it will go as I love a supermarket bargain and I have a couple of events coming up where a new outfit would be nice BUT it doesn’t matter if it’s not brand new, it’ll be new to me!

Are you taking part or thinking of taking part in Secondhand September? I’ll post updates over on my Instagram too @lorenjessica_

Photos by my lovely friend @sherryscribbles

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