Where We Can Still ‘Shop Small’

I follow a lot of small businesses and love that they offer different things compared to what you can get on the high street. ‘Fast shopping’ is what I’m going to call it, a little like fast fashion but for everything else like homewares, accessories, baby items. I could go on of course there’s loads!

But what I have unfortunately noticed recently is a lot of these small businesses closing their virtual doors, marketplaces and online stores. With material costs going up along with marketplace fees and postal fees it’s becoming a difficult sell. On top of that we are hearing about a cost of living increase and more and more people are feeling the pinch. I know, it’s difficult.

Knitted word from Milling_Miller on Instagram

There are however a few occasions where as buyers, we could still think about shopping small. Those birthdays throughout the year, new baby gifts, weddings, engagements and new home treats are just a few reasons to celebrate and get a little something special. I know I love when someone gifts something thoughtful, maybe personalised for any of those occasions and it goes a long way to helping a small business than a box of chocolates and bottle of wine from the supermarket does.

Small businesses make up so much of our community even where we don’t realise and even the big shops had to start somewhere so hopefully next time you’re looking at that ‘congrats on your new home’ card and £5 box of chocolates, bottle of wine and gift bag you might aim that same money towards a personalised card and a couple of homemade cookies from a local small biz instead!

My husbands Father’s Day treat box from TheBaking.Booth on Instagram

Remember too that no one needs a huge hamper of goodies for every occasion or to make it look like you bought more. Thoughtful gifts are even better and one or two special ones might even save you money on buying stuff just for the sake of it.

Let me know your thoughts let’s chat shopping small.

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