Differences in travelling with a 5 month old vs 9 month old

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In May 2022 we flew long haul to Orlando and in September 2022 we flew short haul to Spain. Even though 4 months doesn’t really sound a lot a there is a lot that changes in a baby’s development and what they can do that makes all the difference when taking them on holiday so I’ve popped down some of my most memorable.

First difference we saw was that older babies tend to move – and want to move – much more. Whether that’s at the table in a restaurant or just before take off when that seat belt sign is on or even when you’re trying to put sun cream on them for the day. Wriggling, wanting to crawl or roll over or grab something it took a lot more energy to keep our little one entertained, safe from anything in her reach and happy to sit with us. Some people say take new toys they haven’t seen before and others say to take what they know. For us it didn’t matter whether it was new or old toys, simple or complex, the menus still looked like they’d be more fun.

Another difference that I was super happy about was that our girl could now wear sun cream at 9 months, something that she couldn’t do at 5 months. Although we kept her out of the sun as much as possible still there’s still the walk to the car or the way she sticks her foot out of the pram mesh that makes me glad she could wear sunscreen. I chose the Child’s Farm Sun Cream for her after seeing that it was suitable for babies and using it for a few weeks at home to see that she wouldn’t have a reaction to it or anything. We also used their bath products whilst we were away and loved those too.

One of the biggest differences for us was that on our last holiday where she was 9 months old she was eating actual food. We still gave her her usual milk but alongside this she could now join us at mealtimes and pick a few bits to eat herself. Without a doubt her favourite thing to eat was bread but she did have plenty of new things too and it just made mealtimes lovely and more inclusive, especially having her sat in the high chair level with us.

When flying there was a few differences that I’ll put in a separate blog post because I have plenty but for now I’d love to know if you have anymore differences in travelling with different aged babies too!

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