A Gentle Reminder

I’m not a self help expert.

I’m not a life coach.

But by heck I will cheer you on to live your best life. You get one go in this life, in this body you’re living in right now, with the people who surround you right now.

Don’t waste it. Don’t keep thinking you’ll have fun…when you lose weight, when you get a new job, when you have a bigger house. Life is happening right now. Enjoy it.

Take notice of the little things you love. That can be anything from a warm coffee in the morning to a hot dinner when you get home, starting a new book or getting out for a walk.

Take notice of the big things you love. Maybe it’s a holiday you’ve been waiting for or some time with loved ones. Sit with those feelings and realise that you are already living the ‘good old days’.

Take notice of the ones who you love and who love you. Keep them in your thoughts, see them when you can and enjoy their company.

Some days are going to be a little harder than others. Some weeks may be a little harder than others but don’t let too long pass by without focusing on being happy and fulfilled and living the life you want to live.

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