Using the ‘fancy plates’

You know the ones I mean. The ones being saved for when Royalty pays a visit. Well I don’t think they’re coming. I know some are saved for Christmas but that’s only once a year. Price per use on that is well…a lot.

If I were fancier, would I use the fancy plates more often? Old me probably would say yes, when I’m fancier, when I have more money or when I can afford even FANCIER plates for the fancy ones to become the normal everyday ones. Entering the cycle once again.

I could be waiting for the ‘when’ for an awfully long time and how do I know when I’ve got there? From one or two or 5 years ago I’ve probably got fancier without even realising it and just upgraded as time went on and didn’t think to look back at all the tiny steps that led to the right here, right now.

This thought doesn’t stop at plates. I recently cleared a lot of mismatched glassware and only kept my favourite LSA Polka glasses, that I was originally saving for best. Then I thought any occasion where I’m drinking champagne should be a ‘best’ one anyway and that I deserved to drink from my favourite *more expensive* glassware whenever I want to and not the 50p mismatched flutes I was hanging onto for reasons unknown.

I’m sure it’s become clear that I’m using the term ‘fancy plates’ as an umbrella term. I’m using it to mean anything that is being saved for best when in reality every single day of life should be worthy of using the fancy plates.

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