Some trips don’t go as planned…

Ok so you may or may not know that we recently went away. It wasn’t quite the dreamy holiday we had in mind due to a couple of reasons and sometimes life throws a curveball when you’ve been super excited about something and had all the plans. You might see that the photos aren’t actually of where we were because the reasons the trip didn’t go as planned had nothing to do with the place itself, so enjoy a few wintery photos instead! Let’s get straight into it.

There were transport issues. There was a train strike when we needed to get the trains. We ended up driving part way and parking at the train station which was an extra cost for fuel, parking and then getting the train in on the day that we could. Which meant paying extra for a hotel for the night before. On the return journey we then had to get a taxi, collect the car and drive back home. All of this was no ones fault but it definitely made the travel much longer and much more expensive than if we could have taken the train as usual.

We were ill. We weren’t really aware at the time but all the germs were going around and people were getting something new everyday and it caught us while we were away. It wasn’t ideal and we’re super lucky that we could still half function but it definitely put the brakes on the holiday for a little while and stopped a lot of the fun stuff that we’d planned on doing, seeing and eating.

It was cold. We were wrapped up and I couldn’t have put more layers on underneath my coat, including hat, scarf and gloves but we agreed that it definitely put us in a different mood than a bright sunny holiday would. I think because we also had a baby with us we were always worrying if she was too hot or too cold. Getting her out of the pram (the warmest place) was a mission if we wanted to do anything and then so was getting her back in when she wanted to walk around. When it came to changes and lunch it was like a whole ‘thing’ to be mentally prepared for shedding the layers. It added a new element of things to do compared to previous breaks away and I can’t say I’d actively book another cold holiday with a baby anytime soon.

Now the elephants in the room have been addressed I feel like I can move on and enjoy the memories that having been away brought us because there are some good ones, just not quite the ones I had in mind in the planning stages. Maybe some are even better!

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