My Baby’s First Birthday & White Post Farm

They say the days are long and the years are fast but wow, it all seems to have gone fast. I don’t remember the long days they all just blurred into a year and now we’re here having celebrated our baby’s first birthday. Like many little ones she likes watching animals so we took her to White Post Farm for the day before having a small family gathering at our house.

They have a variety of animals from house pets like guinea pigs and rabbits to farm animals such as cows and pigs. Because we visited the day before their Christmas festivities started they also had two reindeer there as well which was lovely to see.

There were also plenty of goats that were being fed at the time by other visitors. We chose not to buy feed this time because I don’t find that dirty hands and a baby that has a tendency to put her fingers in her mouth mix very well. *Enter shudder here.* There are plenty of hand wash stations around but you can bet we wouldn’t get to one in time.

Inside the barn along with the reindeer, pigs and a couple of chickens were also sheep that hadn’t long since given birth to little lambs so that was also a nice surprise during our visit.

The slightly different animals that you wouldn’t usually expect to see at a Farm were the meerkats and wallaby’s. Maybe even the reptile room with its lizards and pythons but I think they’re all a great addition and our little girl seemed very interested. Especially and surprisingly at a tortoise. But I have to say my favourite was probably the tiny harvest mice, they’re just too cute.

White Post Farm do an annual pass and I definitely think this is something I’d look into in the future. We’ve already been twice in her first year and I can only see that being more as she grows and becomes more aware and interested in the animals.

What did you do for your little ones first birthday?

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