Dining with a Princess

In December last year we spent 4 days celebrating the Christmas period in Disneyland Paris. Part of our prebooked dining plan was to visit Auberge de Cendrillon and dine at lunch with visits from the princesses and I had heard that it booked up fairly quickly so I was eager to get it booked before our trip rather than while we were there. It was lucky that we did too because during our stay we found it fairly tricky to get a reservation to accommodate all of our party as we had gone with friends. I will definitely be pre-booking more dining on our next visit. But that’s next time!

We had booked our hotel and ticket package through Attraction Tickets along with our character dining reservations for both Auberge de Cendrillon and our Plaza Gardens Character Breakfast. They made the whole process really easy and we just paid the final price. For us at the time it worked as we were two separate parties but wanted to dine together where we could.

We booked the 3pm time slot and turned up just before this. There were a few families waiting in the lobby area to be seated but this was done fairly quickly and we weren’t waiting for long. As soon as we were through the entrance doors I loved the theming which continued into the lobby and the dining area. We were seated in a side area and maybe next time I would request a different table, maybe in the main hall, but on this occasion I really didn’t mind and it’s just a nice to know for next time.

Our server (and the cast members throughout) was lovely and very accommodating. The children’s menu is aimed at those aged 3+ and as our little girl was not quite 1 year we didn’t need the full menu. Instead when we were seated they offered a bowl of pasta for her which I found to be very thoughtful.

Baby Princess pasta bowl
Desserts – we also got an extra white chocolate ‘glass slipper’ for baby

Myself and my husband ordered different dishes and on tasting each one they were very good. My husbands favourite was the beef main and mine probably the pistachio dessert. For our babies dessert they even brought her out a white chocolate ‘glass slipper’. Again a great touch! And it’s lovely to see the little ones being treated as well as the adults. It is those kind of things that would make me return to places again and again. 

Of course we can’t talk about character dining without talking about the characters themselves. I had actually done no research in terms of who would be there so it was all going to be a surprise, apart from Cinderella herself of course. 

Truly they were all lovely but our favourite was definitely the princess of the hour and her two mice friends which our little girl loved. If you haven’t seen my TikTok video of the interaction when a mouse visited our table you can see it here. We also were treated to a visit from Snow White, Jasmine and Aurora who you can see were all lovely experiences, all of them addressed and interacted so well with our baby, talking to her and each took time to get a photo. 

At the time of booking through Attraction Tickets we paid just over 70 GBP but I believe the price has gone up since our stay. During our meal I noticed that it said 95 Euros on the menu and honestly if I knew it was going to be this during our stay and maybe next time when our little one is older I would still probably pay it as I really enjoyed the experience and would just budget accordingly. We walked past the Princess Pavillion a couple of times to see what the queue was like to meet a princess but it was over an hour each time and our little one wouldn’t have waited that long in line so meeting 4 princesses and two characters during our dining experience was in my opinion very much worth it. 

I’d love to know if you’ve been to Auberge de Cendrillon or if it’s on your must do list!

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