Our Hotel Stay in Bath, England

Not long ago we knew we were going to Bath and decided to extend our visit to an overnight stay in the city. After looking at different hotels and deals I decided on the Abbey Hotel and at the time of booking found the best offer for dinner, bed and breakfast to be by booking directly.

With only a short time we wanted to see a few of the sights but know from experience that when we are away with our little one being fully booked isn’t the best idea. This can simply be due to nap times, meals and sometimes just being overtired from a day of travel so along with getting a couple of things into the schedule downtime is also high on the list.

After arriving at the hotel in the evening we had a rest in the room before going down for dinner and a drink. The hotel bar was quiet so we had no issues getting seated and the bar team and chef were lovely and very accommodating especially for our little girl too. We both ordered the halloumi burger and when I later asked if there were any desserts this wasn’t a problem. The chef prepared us a plate of mini cakes as well as a bowl of ice cream for our little one. I would say that they definitely went the extra mile while we were there and it didn’t go unnoticed. It is great to feel like the little ones are as looked after as the grown ups.

The room we had booked was a standard with a king bed and although we were informed this may feel small with a travel cot in the room we didn’t have an issue with this as it was only one night. I also wasn’t fussed on paying the extra for a family room when we didn’t really need it as we would mainly be sleeping. On entering the room it was well designed, looked great and I especially liked the style of the bathroom with the black accents and touch mirror. It was also great to see that they had a local company supplying their toiletries in the rooms. I truly think that hotels should do this more even if they are part of a chain as it makes them stand out, gives them an independent feel (which in turn makes their guests feel more valued and less like sheep) and includes their surrounding community (again informing guests of local businesses and giving back to the area).

We ventured out after dinner and drinks to a nearby shop for a couple of essentials then headed back to the room to prepare for the following day.

The next morning we came down to breakfast which was across the lobby to the bar in a different room. This was a lovely bright area for breakfast where we could look out of the window while enjoying a coffee. I ordered the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, my husband ordered the full English breakfast and we asked for a portion of scrambled eggs for our one year old which she really enjoyed. In fact we all really enjoyed our breakfasts, along with coffee, orange juice and croissant. Again the team serving us were great, interacting with both adults and baby alike and bringing over a high chair. These aren’t grand gestures but it’s the little things that add up to make a stay great and for us to leave knowing we would happily stay again. All in all a 5/5 for our stay for food, the room and service.

Have you been to Bath and where did you stay? Or is it on your ‘to visit’ list? I’d love to know!

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