5 Things We’ll Do Differently In Disney 2023

Our last visit to Walt Disney World in Florida was when our little girl was 5 months old. I have no doubt the next time we go during the Flower and Garden festival it will be quite different as she’ll be 1 year and 5 months old, walking, eating the same as us and taking more in.

We’ll definitely be getting another (few) Mickey Waffles and Fresh Fruit Waffles from Sleepy Hollow

Get a gift card for snacks and drinks. We don’t budget for our Disney trips and just buy the snacks as and when we want them. While this has worked for us it would be interesting to know how much we’re spending each day, especially now there will be 3 of us eating and drinking. We will share snacks too so we can try a little more of everything without buying one each which will leave more money for trying different dishes. I’d love to know what you usually budget for snacks on park days? How much should we put on a gift card to cover us for two adults and an infant?

Ride more rides! We are going to be using Rider Swap to our advantage and I’m not adverse to buying an Individual Lightning Lane for something we really want to go on. I did this on our previous Walt Disney World holiday and glad I did as it meant I was able to go on Avatar Flight of Passage. We will also be getting Genie+ for the days when we want a ‘ride day’. And then there will be other days we don’t get it and just want a stroll around the park and get all the snacks. We were able to take our little girl on a few rides last time but now she is a little older will feel much more confident on what we can expect her reaction to be.

See the fireworks. I know you’re reading this now and saying “How did you miss the legendary fireworks?!” We did manage to see them at EPCOT but two tired parents with a 5 month old baby did not want to wait in the Disney crowds. This time I think we will be prepared with a little more energy. Maybe even head back to the room for a ‘Nanna Nap’ before going out to see them and maybe even book a Firework Show meal and saved spot to watch them so we aren’t in the crowds.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway was one of our favourite rides last time

Be prepared. My husband picked up on this one and his words were “I’m not doing the security dance this time” and I immediately laughed knowing what he meant. The rush of emptying the base of the pushchair of water bottles and popcorn buckets, with overfull bags, a fan falling out, a white noise machine dangling at the side. It’s an experience in the heat let me tell you. This time we are packing light for the parks and being as prepared as we can.

We will definitely be hanging out in Port Orleans French Quarter again and grabbing some famous beignets too!

Visiting other hotels. And making the most of our resort. This includes eating at the restaurants in other hotels and taking a look around where we can. It will also give us an insight to staying at other hotels in the future, where they are in and what different places offer as it can be tricky getting that through a screen across the pond.

And that’s 5 although I might think of some more before our next trip! What do you think, would you add any tips?

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