Eating at Walt Disney World with a Baby

This is something I have been thinking about on and off for a couple of weeks now. What will our 1 year old eat while we are in Walt Disney World? She is at that age where puree’d food doesn’t cut it anymore yet she wouldn’t eat a full meal from the 3+ menu. For this I have done a fair bit of planning to see what would be best. I have taken into consideration what I would actually be happy her eating ie. not just fries the entire time although she would! And although we don’t budget for food during the day I don’t want to go overboard getting her full meals when I know she wouldn’t eat it all. I understand that to-go boxes could be an option but chicken strips in Floridian heat – I don’t think I’d be eating those.

Each Disney park has a healthy option food cart and here we will definitely be getting her a few pieces of fruit to snack on during the day. Oranges and berries are a top hit with our little girl, easy to take around the park and a healthier option than some other quick service snacks.

Fresh Fruit Waffles and Joffrey’s Coffee from Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom – our favourite breakfast last time we were at Walt Disney World!

At certain times where I think she would eat a lot more (say we’ve done a lot of walking in the day) I would be happy ordering from the Kids Disney Check menu. This means that if you order it just as it is it would be a healthier choice compared to some other menu items and set meals.

When we were at Disneyland Paris back in December last year I loved the buffet at Plaza Gardens and I definitely think we’ll be doing more of this option in Walt Disney World. Where she wouldn’t eat a full plate of food she would definitely be happy having a Mickey waffle from my plate. Even if she did have a full plate of exactly the same food in front of her it’s always tastier from Mums plate, am I right?

The ‘Tastes like chicken because it is’ from Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom – this was one of our favourite table service meals last time!

After looking for food options on the Disney website I was also pleased to read in the small print that our 1 year old is welcome to eat from my plate (for free) or have the option to order a full meal (which we would be charged for of course). I suppose in our case this would depend on what I was having, I won’t be feeding her the extra extra hot sauce anytime soon!

Our little one is definitely a grazer and I think having another mouth to feed little and often will actually lead us to be delving into more snacks this time around. This would also mean she would be introduced to a lot more flavours than at home because we would also enjoy things that we can’t get at home too.

As well as this there is also the option to take food into the parks for her. This would definitely be us forward planning for the day ahead and maybe even keeping costs down. Having a steady snack (and water!) supply would also mean we would be prepared at any time of the day whether we were queuing for a ride or walking through the park to our next destination.

Character Dining at Tusker House – the food was good we just couldn’t finish it between two of us! Will definitely be good to share this between 2 adults and a little one if we had something similar on our next holiday

Speaking of drinks. During our last holiday she only needed milk. This time it will be very important to keep her hydrated on water and potentially a little flavoured milk or juice at mealtimes.

Of course, this is all before we are on holiday! I can’t wait to record our meals, snacks and drinks and to see what exactly our little one eats when we get to Walt Disney World later this year.

If you’ve got any tips or tricks when it comes to feeding babies and toddlers in Disney let me know!

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