Our Night at Deadwood Cabins, Lincolnshire

I found Deadwood Cabins a while ago through Instagram and knew that myself and my husband had to visit. When they released a last minute vacancy for his birthday weekend I knew it was perfect timing so quickly booked.

When we arrived at the cabins it was definitely up our street in terms of American Wild West theming, a log burner ready to light and two bottles of Bud chilling in the fridge. We let our dog stretch her legs after the drive and set about familiarising ourselves in the cabin. There was also a loaf of bread from the county across and a couple of chocolate Easter bunnies left for us too which was a lovely touch. As we hadn’t come prepared with food (although next time I think we’ll book a BBQ package) we drove to the nearby supermarket to pick up a couple of steaks for dinner, drinks and bacon for breakfast.

We spent the evening with my husband topping up the fire and playing card games, scrabble and chatting. There was a tv in the room along with some DVD’s but it was nice to just relax and do a little tech detox for the evening.

We stayed in the ‘Longhorn’ cabin which was lovely and cosy and we still felt we had plenty of space to walk around without bumping into each other and space between the bed, kitchen and seating in front of the fire. There was also a shower room complete with toilet and sink, including toiletries and towels which was excellent as I hadn’t packed any or looked up if they were provided, they were much more well equipped than I was.

Although it was April it was still pretty chilly in the night and early morning but we were left plenty of wood for the fire, a plug in heater and an electric blanket. The morning I woke up I don’t think I’ve ever been cosier! I even got back into bed after going out early to watch the sunrise.

Although we were on an adults only night away we still have a body clock aligned with our little one who’s an early riser so I woke up before the sun and decided it would be a lovely place to see the sunrise as there was a platform a little walk away from the cabin with seating. While I was out it was very quiet and looking out onto the fields I could see and hear a few pheasant along with 3 deer making their way towards the cabins. I was able to watch them for quite some time before they realised I was there and it was really lovely to just sit for a while in the countryside seeing something we usually only ever see on tv.

I made it back for breakfast where my husband made us bacon sandwiches and coffee and I went to fetch some eggs from a collection basket in a communal spot. Yep at Deadwood Cabins they also have some chickens on site and pigs too. Two of which named Dolly and Doris, the legends that they are.

Deadwood Cabins provided at leisurely 11am check out which was appreciated as it meant we didn’t have to rush breakfast which we ate out on the porch. Again just a lovely slow breakfast surrounded by the outdoors and we were lucky enough to have the sun shining that morning too.

We both said that we would definitely stay at Deadwood Cabins again. The only difference next time being that we pre-order a BBQ package to cook up on the outdoor fire pit and toast some marshmallows for dessert!

I’d love to know if you’ll stay at Deadwood Cabins too!

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