3 packing hacks we’re trying on our next family holiday

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We realised from our previous Florida trip that we needed to be much more organised for the next one. We promised ourselves we would take one big case instead of two smaller ones next time and downsize on our 5 lots of hand luggage too. Can you believe?! Even saying that now I’m wondering how two adults managed all of that and a baby but we are in a different situation now where our little one is a bit older so that really does change a lot. We’ve also been once so now know more of what to expect.

I’ve put these 3 packing ‘ideals’ together so we can stay on track. Let me know if you’ve got anymore tips and tricks too. 

Packing cubes

I bought these ones from Amazon to contain and organise my family of three’s clothes and essentials as with one case they could quickly get mixed up and messy. Ideally we would have one colour per person but as we’re only taking one big case this time we probably wouldn’t use all of the different coloured cubes but definitely something to consider next time.

Already started packing! There’s also still room in each of these if we wanted to add anymore.

Outfit planning

To the last sock! I always end a trip finding I’ve overpacked and outfits have gone unworn – for both me and the little one – but not this time. I’m planning our outfits for each day and including a few changes for evening wear. I’m also going to make sure I can swap up some items to mix and match outfits without adding more and we can always make use of on site laundry rooms. 

Packing light

Again with the overpacking! I’m actively going to make sure we don’t go over the top by only taking one suitcase between the three of us. We had way too much to carry on our last trip and not enough hands. It’s also a lot to pack into overhead lockers so we plan to have one case in hold and two carry on bags. We’ll also have the stroller that we use for our trips which our little one can use until we board.

I’d love to know if you’ve got any packing tips that I could try out too!

A little video to let that sink in

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