Packing Light for Long Haul

For three people. Including a toddler. Technically she has smaller clothes. But needs more so it kinda evens itself out.

Have you ever been on holiday and realised you’ve not actually worn half of what you packed? We have done this before, in fact too many times, and it turned out to be wasted suitcase space (when we could’ve bought home more souvenirs!)

So for our next long haul trip to Florida we have decided to take 1 suitcase and 2 pieces of hand luggage. Along with the pushchair. This for two adults to carry, as well as keeping hold of a little one I believe will be plenty.

For reference on our last trip we took two cases, three pieces of hand luggage, one pushchair and one travel cot. And the baby of course. It was a lot for not a lot of hands. Oh and it was all carry on so picture my husband trying to get all that in the overhead lockers while I sat with our baby. We were able to check the travel cot in oversized baggage and we gate checked the pushchair but this still left a lot to be desired in terms of freeing ourselves up as the travel cot was the lightest and smallest item anyway.

This is our luggage from our last trip. Plus the pushchair it was a lot to carry!

This time the plan is to pack a different top for most days and enough bottoms to mix and match. I will also be making use of the hotels laundry facilities if need be as we found this to be a game changer recently. Also being able to come home and not have a huge pile of laundry is refreshing and gives you time to just relax (*from your relaxing holiday*).

I’ll be posting what we actually end up packing on my instagram @lorenjessica_ so come and follow the journey – it won’t be long now!

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