10 Non negotiables were taking to Disney for our toddler

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Having been to Walt Disney World last year I’ve got a list of things now that I will always pack. We bought a couple of things there last time that just made our trip a little easier/cooler at least!

Fan – we have this one from Amazon that we can bend around the bars of the pushchair or hold it securely or even use it as a tripod. We love it and it served us so well when we went to Florida last. It’s also rechargeable so no need for multiple battery changes

Long sleeves – as much as I will probably bathe our little one in sun cream I’ve been buying all the light long sleeves for her to wear too to try and keep as much sun off of her as possible

Reins – our little one doesn’t really run off but in crowds and I’ve seen people RUNNING at rope drop I’m not risking her getting caught up amongst a lot of legs 

Drinks bottle – for refills of cool water to stay hydrated 

Stroller sunshade – a must to again keep as much sun off baby as possible. I bought this one from Amazon that has a few different features. So far it looks great so I can’t wait to try it in the parks

Sun cream – and sun cream and more sun cream! I tend to get a baby one for sensitive skin and we’ll all use it because I love a high factor coverage too.

Cooling towel – we bought a Disney one on our last trip and used it all the time. Simply run it under the water and use it to cool down when needed.

Sunglasses – definitely an essential in the sun. Fun fact my husband left his sunglasses in ‘it’s tough to be a bug’ last year. They apparently get over 200 pairs of lost sunglasses a DAY and we still got them back from guest relations when we were heading out. Now that’s some kind of magic!

Hat – again with the sun protection! I’m never going to get bored of it. We’ve got a couple that provide shade for the back of babies neck too as well as the front.

Lunch box – a solid place to keep leftovers and toddler snacks to whip out when needed. I bought some Lion King ones from Primark which can be stored inside of each other when not in use.

I would love to know if you’ve got any non-negotiables that you must pack for Disney or any extras you can see that I’ve missed! Come join me on Instagram for more Disney content too.

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