Hi and welcome to my blog, Loren Jessica. I started blogging about 6 years ago and got completely swept up in the ‘buy and review’ side of social media before realising that that kind of lifestyle was not sustainable. Before I started buying more consciously I slowly started to realise that I have way too much stuff in the house. Clothes in the wardrobe that aren’t getting worn as much as they should, skincare that doesn’t get used or goes out of date and just general bric-a-brac taking up space all adding up to the ‘stuff’ that wasn’t making me happy.

For me a cluttered home is a cluttered mind and neither do me much good.

Constantly buying new, on trend pieces also sapped my funds and I had to ask myself why I was spending money on things I didn’t really need. Was I trying to ‘keep up’ with what I saw on social media? Did I just want to say I owned an item from a certain brand? Whatever it was my habits needed to become more sustainable for both the environment and my purse so I would have the cash to spend on things I actually valued; holidays, days trips, meals out with friends and family and such. From this I decided that purchases from now will be thought through, therefore ‘buying consciously not constantly’ came to life.

This to me means:

  • only buying what you need/use
  • buying quality pieces that will last
  • finding out if the brand has similar values to you
  • saving money where possible
  • looking for sustainable options

I can’t (read; won’t) stop buying. I love getting dressed up in something new (whether that is new entirely or just new to me), using skincare that leans a little to the luxury side and spending on the house, so my intention will never be to stop buying completely but to stop buying things that don’t add value to my life. And it turns out, that’s quite a lot.


I use affiliate links on this website and link to some products which I deem to be suitable for my requirements at the time of posting. These are just my personal comments, thoughts and opinions on the products or services shown on this website and my social platforms.

Please ensure that any products you purchase via affiliate links or from any reviews or recommendations are suitable for your needs and any products purchased are the customers choice. Please do your own research. What may be suitable for me may not be suitable for yourself or others. I simply state what I have used, am using and would use and will hold no liability or responsibilities for any purchase made or product used.

All words are my own and simply my own opinions, thoughts and ideas and should be treated accordingly.

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