We’re Upsizing!

Bedroom Renovation

I can see the finished bedroom on the horizon. With the mattress now in situ, the new bedding washed, pillows purchased then rejected and moved to the living room, it really feels like we’re almost done. I am now very excited to finally sleep in the new bed as we have upsized from a double to kingsize.

A couple of things are still left to do (isn’t that always the case?) and time has really run away with me over the last week or so – I’ve also been busy with another DIY project. In the bedroom shelves need putting up and the radiator needs putting back on the wall but that really (!) won’t take too long.

My mum is making the blind which will be the final piece of the puzzle this weekend and then we will be moving back into the master bedroom. I have started to use the storage under the bed and put all of our clothes into the wardrobes – and thoroughly enjoyed having a clear out at the same time. I have used it as an opportunity to decide if I don’t want the item in the ‘new room’ then I can do without it at all. It really has served me well.

We have had a couple of mattress issues regarding delivery. I ordered from a well known brand and the mattress got lost on delivery and ended up in the wrong depot. A phone call to the delivery company said it was being returned to sender and that I should rearrange delivery with the seller. A phone call to the seller said it was being rerouted and should be with me soon. As it turned out the next day it was no longer making its way to us. It was in fact already heading back to the retailer for a refund and if I still wanted the product a new order would have to be placed, with a waiting time of another 4 weeks. As we *really* didn’t want to do this I went into a local store and ordered one for same day delivery. It couldn’t have been easier. Until. When the mattress arrived and due to COVID the delivery men could only leave it in the hallway. I tried and I tried (and realised I should have filmed it) but couldn’t get the mattress upstairs on my own and had to wait for my husband to come and lend a hand ie. do most of the lifting.

If you haven’t already seen my little update to see what the bedroom looks like so far check out my latest vlog. My sister was a huge help in getting the wardrobes in and the bed up as I was still in the early days post op and I was mainly task supervisor and tool locating. You know, the important jobs.

Now just imagine the same room with a mattress!

Ways I’m Bringing Travel Into Our Home

Kitchen Project

We try to go away, visit somewhere new or take a weekend trip to a familiar place a few time throughout the year. This depends on what budget we have at the time and what holidays we have available with work and so on. Of course, when we aren’t away we spend a lot of our time at home. We have lived in our house for around 5 years now and I don’t think I will ever stop decorating or finding some kind of DIY job and because of this we will never be finished. Even though we are at home I enjoy bringing little bits or places we have been to inside. They can either spark memories of things we have seen and done or inspire more trips. I decided to put this little list together with some of the items we have brought in to our house and a few that I would love to include one day.


We have quite a few of these in our house. Our Kitchen has developed a Lake District print theme and we purchased these on a trip a couple of years back. We have visited both of the places they represent and they go perfectly with our blue chairs, win win. In this genre we also have a drawing of the Arc De Triomphe which I love in our living room. This was a car boot purchase for 20p(!) so a very cost effective way of bringing the travel memories home. Last but not least is our Venice print from Pretty in Prints. We had recently returned from our Venice holiday when I saw this on their Instagram page.

Decorative Items 

Our Bakewell Pudding Mini Crate and Paris tray sit nicely in this idea. These mini crates were very popular at one point but I hadn’t seen a Bakewell one until we visited Belper one day (I know not quite the right place!) We love the Derbyshire town so I had to make the purchase.

The wooden painted Paris tray was a gift. I’m pretty sure again this was in the wrong location as it was bought from a shop in Switzerland I believe. It is two of my favourite colours and its a bit beaten now (I even dug it out of a bag once as my husband had tried throwing it away) but I love the design and images reminding me of places we’ve been.

Holiday Photos

This is probably the most expensive way to get travel items in your home because you need to actually go on the holiday to get the photo. Photoshop not allowed for this one I’m afraid. You can’t risk a new friend popping over and asking you all about your trip to Japan because she caught sight of you in a photo in the hallway. These can certainly bring back memories of trips and experiences remembering being in that exact spot.   

I also have an idea on my wishlist and of course it had to be food and drink related. I love trying to recreate a meal at home that we loved whilst we were away somewhere. An Italian inspired risotto or an attempt at chimney cake from Budapest just binging meal inspiration home. I must admit cooking is not my strong suit so I am sticking with a beverage idea instead. We visited The Lakes Gin Distillery a while back and I would love to order a couple of bottles to remind us of that time and the location.

Have you got any travel inspired pieces in your home? What would you add?