Disneyland Paris Dairies- My Second Visit

Disney Diary

This blog post skips a few years from the last as we revisited Disneyland Paris as a family, I was slightly older but still incredibly excited.

I want to start however the night before we left, this probably goes down as one of those embarrassing life moments but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my holiday. The evening before travelling to Marne la Valee we stayed in a London hotel. It turned out there was a wedding so Mum and Dad did not get much sleep however I can sleep anywhere through anything. It wasn’t until the next morning when I was getting ready in the bathroom that my trouble began. The towel radiator was hot. Sorry I meant HOT. The kind of hot where you bend to put your jeans on and burn a line down your ass. The kind of burn that HURTS to sit down on and guess what, I was sitting on the Eurostar for a couple of hours. Ah well, like I said, I was still excited we were going to Disneyland Paris.

I am a huge fan of character meets and found an absolute love with the parades on this visit. On our last day as mum and dad were finishing dinner I wanted to get up and watch the final parade, I truly think I would still be like that now. As for characters, everyone that we saw I wanted a photo with, sometimes even twice. It wasn’t too busy at the time of year and the characters were happy to stand, chat and take a few photos. It was great that we were never rushed and I only remember there being a queue for the Sulley Meet and Greet.

The stores in Disneyland Paris are something else. They are elegant on the outside and full of glow and warmth inside. On this visit I treated myself to a Minnie Mouse ring that I actually still have, although she is now missing her bow I have kept this in my jewellery box as memorabilia.

Of course we went on the rides and this time, as my sister was older, she was able to go on more too. Crush’s Coaster had opened since our last visit and this quickly became my favourite ride throughout Disneyland Paris, closely followed by the Tower of Terror. My love of the parades was ongoing and I enjoyed watching them every day of our visit. On our last day I even left dinner early so I could catch it before our journey home.

Another memory, that needed some finding, was going to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Exactly what it sounds like it was a show full of cowboy hats, horses and stunts. This was a rustic event with food and drink included and a little audience participation which my dad took part in. It was a good way to spend an evening and the stunt show was great. I remember the food being a chicken on the bone and chips combo with beer flowing (not for the young ones of course!) and waitresses coming round to top up or bring more food. I would love to see if this is the same experience 20 years on.

We stayed in a different hotel to our last trip and I must say it was a beautiful hotel. Disney’s Newport Bay Club homed a Donald Duck Meet and Greet, a gift shop and nautical themed decor. It was also overlooking the lake which is positioned in the centre of many of the hotels and was only a short walk to the parks everyday. I would love to try Hotel New York and the Disneyland Hotel however I would definitely stay at Disney’s Newport Bay Club again in the future.

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Have you been to any of the Disney Parks or do you plan to one day?

My First Disney Holiday

Disney Diary, TRAVEL

It was a family holiday with my mum, dad and sister where we travelled straight into Marne-la-Valle on the Eurostar and stayed in the western themed Hotel Cheyenne. Back at the beginning 2000 I would have been 9 years old and really, looking back I feel I was even younger than that.

I do have a few memories of my own but loved hearing some forgotten ones from my mum and dad and looking through the photos. There are a few things that stood out on the holiday. I was like a kid in a candy shop in all of the stores there and left with a full lanyard of pin badges. I remember that it was fairly cold and it was definitely coat weather. I remember this because my chosen coast was a purple number with fluffy sleeves and collar. I remember this because I managed to get ‘plastic’, runny cheese stuck in the sleeves and somehow later threw up the contents of a jacket potato with cheese. Let’s just say the experience put me off melted cheese for a looong time. Now if I ever saw someone ladling runny cheese onto a potato I’m outta there.

I was tall enough and old enough to go on the rollercoasters on our first visit. The Indiana Jones Temple of Doom as I remember it was a great ride. It was also my first experience on ‘It’s A Small World’ and my mum must have been on it more than a handful of times with my sister being around 4 years old at the time. As much as I enjoyed the rides I think my slightly scared moment was on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster as I had never been on anything that started that fast before.

We recently watched The Imagineneering Story on Disney+ and I was surprised to see the content about Disneyland Paris. Our first family holiday covered the time when the second park, Hollywood Studios had just opened and I can honestly say that through my young eyes it was nothing but a great experience. Even going years later it was still a wonderfully fun place with the Tower of Terror and my favourite ride in Paris, Crush’s Coaster. I loved this ride so much I was gutted when I went with my now husband and it was closed for renovation.

What memories do you have of your first ever Disney holiday?