Mia in her dog friendly holiday accommodation

How We Choose A Dog Friendly Stay


I am starting to strongly believe that there are millions of hotels, b&b’s, youth hostels and airbnb’s in the UK alone, no, billions even. So how do you pick where to stay? What to see? Add on to that taking a dog and well it’s another ball game altogether. That is why I decided to put together a little something about how we choose a dog friendly stay.

Choosing where to go.

We have a couple and their cockapoo pooch who we love to go on dog holidays with. Going with another dog-friendly couple for me makes the holiday a little bit easier for a couple of reasons. One of these being we’re not stopping anyone from doing anything. I would hate to be that person that had to say we couldn’t do a certain thing or go to a certain place because we have a dog and dogs aren’t allowed in. Don’t get me wrong if we chose to go on holiday with someone we would kind of expect them to understand but I may still feel like that sometimes. Another reason being they ‘get it’. If your dog starts sniffing the lamppost and the whole group comes to a halt or you have to constantly pull your dog back because ‘no, not everyone who walks in the pub wants to stroke you’.

When we choose where to stay we do tend to look for places known for their dog friendly areas that include lots of walking but somewhere with a town because the four of us are not really into cooking. The areas we have either been or have looked into are The Cotswolds, Lake District and Cornwall and for the next holidays we are likely going to stay in Scotland and see what further North has to offer.

Choosing where to stay.

As two couples we have previously stayed in tents, yurts and hotels. I must say now I think the future will include more hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation and/or holiday cottages as we have decided we thoroughly enjoy those extra comforts. Booking these we either look on sites such as Petpyjamas, HolidayCottages or Airbnb/Booking.com and select the pets allowed option. We have to be aware and read the small print on if the accommodation charge extra for dogs staying in the room. I have seen places charge anything from £10-£30 for a dog staying which I can only guess goes to room cleaning, what I don’t quite understand is the room should be cleaned properly anyway but that’s a question for another day. Some places offer dog friendly rooms for no extra charge and we’ve recently booked through PetsPyjamas as they ensure dogs go free.

Mia the chocolate labrador in the Cotswolds

Choosing what to do.

We always check the local area for nearby walks or places we can park the car and jump out and explore. The best place we have found doing this and going for a super long dog walk is probably the Lake District but there are plenty of walks in other places we go too. After walks we need to make sure the places we want to eat are also dog friendly. Sometimes we’ll have a walk around town and just check signs in pub windows to see if they allow dogs and other times if we are travelling into somewhere I’ll do a bit of an online search to make sure we’re not going to go hungry whilst visiting a local town. During our last dog friendly holiday they were allowed in the bar area and not the restaurant. This was fine by us as we could still bring the pooches and the bar area was cosy with the hotel team giving the dogs a fuss whenever they passed. As breakfast was served in the restaurant we couldn’t take the dogs with us but as this is a quicker affair (so we can head out for the day) we either put the dogs in the car or left them in the room. Another bed and breakfast we have stayed at dogs were not allowed to stay in the room alone. This meant one morning we bought Mia down for breakfast, no one else was in the b&b, and the second morning (due to her not settling with people coming in and out and she’s a greedy chocolate labrador) we popped her in the car where she is more than comfortable.

If you haven’t already check out my posts on dog friendly stays that we have been on or my thoughts on finding dog friendly accommodation. Our previous trips include stays in the Lake District and the Cotswolds which have all been great so now excuse me but I’m off to plan our next holiday!

Until next time,

L x

A Dog Friendly Weekend in the Cotswolds


For the last two years we’ve been able to go away with friends and their cockapoo pooch. Last year we stayed in the Lake District in a yurt and this year we decided to treat ourselves a little more and go with a hotel. I was set on the destination of the Cotswolds as it was the same drive for each couple and somewhere new to three of us. We booked our stay through Pets Pyjamas to ensure we were able to have dog friendly rooms and the bonus is that they ensure you don’t pay more for dogs staying. Sidenote: We will definitely be using the website and the hotels on there again.

We chose to stay at The Bear of Rodborough and I was very happy with the decision. The hotel looked lovely in the pictures and was in a great location for us. On arrival to our room we saw the hotel had provided a dog bed, blanket and water bowl, it was a good size with a bigger bed than we have at home and had all the facilities you could need in a hotel room. As we waited for our friends to arrive we decided to head down to the bar for a drink and bite to eat. The bar area we had been told was dog friendly so took Mia with us as she is pretty happy in public spaces, especially if there are treats involved. We found a table and our waiter made a great fuss of Mia which she thoroughly enjoyed and brought some treats over for her. (More than pictured, she’d already had some!)

We ordered food shortly after to which Mr LB went for pizza and I had the vegetable lasagna which was so nice I recommended it for my bestie to have when she arrived. This was the start of something as the food was continually amazing throughout our stay and I would go back to The Bear of Rodborough just to sit in the bar, chat and eat.

Our package included breakfast so in the knowledge the dogs were content we went to breakfast and enjoyed three courses. A big selection on the continental breakfast, followed by porridge and a cooked option. I didn’t choose to have porridge on the first morning but after everyone else reordered in on the second day I decided to try it too. Both mornings also included Eggs Royale for myself and a full cooked for the hubby.

The next day we spent on a walk near to the National Trust Roman Villa and in Cirencester and I would visit both places again. We stopped in the dog friendly pub The Crown and again had a tasty lunch before going back to the hotel, picking up some Christmas gifts in Cirencester town centre on the way.

Back at the hotel we showered, changed from our walking clothes and watched a film before going back to the bar to get together. We hadn’t originally planned on eating at the hotel both nights but they were dog friendly, served amazing food and there was no pressure to move all evening so it seemed like a great idea to stay instead of getting back in the car to find another destination.

There is no doubt I would stay at The Bear of Rodborough Hotel again as they were a fantastic dog friendly option for us and as you can tell above served amazing food over the weekend.

Have you got any dog friendly recommendations in the Cotswolds?

Until next time,

L x